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Sonic CD, free as App of the week

Apple has already discovered us what your new App of the week in the App Store and the news could not be better for fans of classic video games and, more specifically, for the SEGA, because the game that we’re going to be able to download this time is none other than Sonic CD, an opportunity that we can not escape.

A journey back in time, in every way

Fortunately for those who have less video games from your childhood, or for those who enjoy testing which also until they have been born, the Classic of the genre are living a second youth thanks to mobile devices. Even if the arrival of some of them is being made to pray, as it is the case of Mario Bross, but a good part of them has adapted well to the new environment and one of the best examples no doubt it is Sonic.

sonic ios

And not there is best representation of this travel in the time that assume to follow making run and jump to the Porcupine in our tablets and smartphones that the plot of this Sonic CD in which are going to have that travel to the last for avoid that the evil Dr. Eggman get make is with them artifacts that you will allow make it to he and control so the future.

A fantastic combination of it new and it classic

Of course, when it comes to classic video games the main attraction is always the original gaming experience reproduced more faithfully possible and in this case SEGA is has worked hard to achieve it, including the original soundtrack.

Despite that not has been jumped at the opportunity, of course, to take advantage of the possibilities that it opens the technological level of the new devices and this Sonic CD comes not only with graphics that take full advantage of the Retina displays, but with the relevant optimization to take advantage of the potential of the touch-sensitive controls, as well as opening the door a social dimension enabling us to compete with our friends to get the best score.

Free for a limited time

As always, we have to remind you that we will only have until next Thursday to seize the opportunity and make us with this Free Sonic CD and save us the 3 euros that would normally cost.

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We remain alert to inform you of the most interesting games for iPadtoday.

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