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So you can print wireless from an Android smartphone

When you buy a printer for your computer, one of the most sought-after aspects is that it has Wi-Fi for not having to have it necessarily connected to the computer, but which, on any other site, any computer can print wireless in it without relying on a USB cable which, in addition, today is not included with the printer.

But when we speak of print almost always think of the connection computer – printer, the truth is that the mobile operating systems such as Android, are also prepared to print directly on these printers, provided they are connected via Wi-Fi to the local network.

In the past, it was necessary to rely on third-party applications to be able to connect your device to a printer and print from it without relying on a computer. However, by luck, them things have changed much and them main manufacturers have supported this feature, creating modules specific to Android detects automatically them printers without need of install nothing more nor have that carry to out any configuration more beyond that simply connect the printer to our network local.

Then, we leave an article where we explain how to configure our Android smartphone to print easily from it in a Wi-Fi printer. We must emphasize that, once configured the device, we will need any viewer of documents such as Office or Google Drive, to open the document and, from there, send it to print (as in a computer).

In addition to print wireless, we can also print from anywhere thanks to Google

In the previous tutorial, we explain how we can configure our Android to print wireless printer and phone are on the same network. However, it is also possible to print from outside of our network, for example, from work or from the street, but we have to rely on Google Cloud Print.

Not all printers are compatible with Google Cloud Print, although, if the our if is it, configuring it and linking it to that service we send tasks at any time, we are where we are, with the certainty that when we get to the printer the job is already printed.

In addition, if our printer is linked with Google Cloud Print, also we can print it remotely from any computer, even take advantage of Google’s cloud to print from any computer without installing it or configure it.

Do you usually use your printer connected to the Wi-Fi to print from your Android smartphone?

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