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So they will be the next screens for tablets and smartphones

When measuring the resistance of tablets and smartphones that we use on a daily basis, codes are used as IP, which serves as a reference to test terminals to conditions with dust and humidity as well as resistance to falls. In recent years, we have witnessed the improvement of devices thanks to the incorporation of metal housings or the inclusion of technologies as DragonTrail or Corning Gorilla Glass, that have been refined over the years and including other materials such as Sapphire, which however, impacting negatively on the final price of the terminals and whose implementation is still residual.

For trying to offer best benefits not only in performance, but in quality, find different projects of which already have could see some advances as them phablets modular, or the inclusion of the Graphene, that allows older autonomies, more lightness and even flexibility. Today we will try to see where to target efforts in creating new screens that not only seek break records in terms of its size, but its ability to adapt to extreme conditions. Track: the water will continue to be the main front that manufacturers will try to overcome.

galaxy view soporte

Screens hydrophobic

At first glance, the name can be a bit intimidating and is that the new generation of biases which would furnish the tablets and smartphones in the medium term, not only not to withstand small amounts of liquid element, but simply, as they repel and keep to the terminals completely dry. However, here it doesn’t, since water that would slip, is would also expel the dust and dirt routine that is generated in the devices. Today, and despite the fact that we find models that hold a few minutes submerged, the ports and components have just damaged if they get wet in addition of the persistent ghost touches that occur when the drops come in contact with the panel.

How would they work?

The manufacture of this type of screens has been the result of several years of research. Is create two small plates of glass, then, is heated and is generated a series of reactions chemical that make that both crystals end up full of pores. As a result, just containing small amounts of silica that are them responsible of eliminate any contact with the water. In this matter we have already seen advances in devices that have a time in the market and that they are oleophobic, i.e., repel lubricants and prevent fingerprints brand.

s6 cristal

Not only water…

Another of them properties apparent of these screens that would be to it turned of the corner, is the Elimination of glitters and as result, a greater sharpness and quality of the image. On the other hand, by its composition, would avoid reflections. Currently, there are some parameters included in the operating systems that regulate the brightness of the screens adjusting to environmental conditions. In the land of the cameras also us find with advances in this sense.

Samsung, pioneer?

As the specialist website CNET, South Korean giant would be the first to implement screens hydrophobic and superhidrofobicas. This technology would have been developed of the hand of the Government U.S., what you would have served also to get them licenses necessary to begin to create panels focused to the great public. The company already has some terminals that are capable of do facing the splashes as for example, the Galaxy S7. However, from Asia we found others like Sony that have also succeeded in creating water resistant terminals and which had a good welcome to know this feature next to others and that the Xperia series both Tablet and Smartphone are related.

xperia z4 tablet agua

When we could see them in action?

As I have told a few lines above, it is possible to find devices that support good moisture conditions and who have received certified high IP. Therefore, it logical would be that not them screens hydrophobic not take too much in see the light and get to them devices more marketed of the world. From websites such as Gizlogic ensure that its landing would be next. However, we will have to wait for the time confirm all the speculation about this new generation of panels.

Year after year not only we see that break with the foregoing and launches that leave devices launched not so long ago as something outdated, but that we also assist a general improvement of benefits resulting in tablets and smartphones that only are reminiscent of the early days of both brackets in their appearance and shape. Do you think that with this new generation of screens looming, some shortcomings in image that still continue to cause errors and critical etiquette? Do you think that we will still have to wait some more to see terminals really tough not only water, but also shock and dust? You have available more information like for example, all tests that undergoes a model before going out to the market so that you may know more.

The article thus will be the next screens for tablets and smartphones was published in TabletZona.

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