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So take advantage of MIUI 8 the display curve of the Xiaomi my Note 2 (video)

Makes a couple of days Xiaomi finally unveiled its new ship logo, the Xiaomi my Note 2. Under all odds and after lots of leaks, the smartphone was presented as practically with clone of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 where his biggest trait was the screen with double curved bezel. The following video shows a preview of how the manufacturer has adapted MIUI 8 to the curve of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 screen to extract the maximum functionality.

There is no doubt that the curved screens have become part of the overall design of the smartphone. The curved appearance of the display in sync with the housing offer a very attractive look. However, in addition to the aesthetic, they have their own specific functions. That really is the trick that makes possible the technology necessary to manufacture flexible panels. Samsung was the first brand to show us how to remove the advantage of this type of technological solutions and now Xiaomi makes it equally through its MIUI 8software.

MIUI 8 adapted to the curve display

We have heard much about the characteristics and technical specifications of the new model of the Chinese manufacturer. One of the specifications is the curved screen of Xiaomi Mi Note 2. Although not stands out by its resolution, it does by the convex shape of its edges. As already did Samsung initially in the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and later in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Xiaomi has also adapted its software to extract specific features of this flexible display. So, therefore, the Asian firm introduced new MIUI 8 under a folk of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.Pantalla curva del Xiaomi Mi Note 2

The curved screen of Xiaomi my Note 2 in action

After having had the opportunity to study the theory, is time to see the first videos that shows us how Xiaomi Mi Note 2 curved screen. The following video published on social networking site Weibo gives us a preview of what the smartphone will be able to. As you can see, this type of display facilitates the interaction with the user, especially in this case that the screen has a diagonal of 5.7 inches.

Thus, by sliding your finger over the sides appear different specific functions and shortcuts to the most recurrent functions of the app in which we find ourselves (provided it is supported by the technology adopted by Xiaomi). In the following video you will see how Xiaomi Mi Note 2 curved screen will allow even change the wallpaper of the home screen by simply pressing a couple of times in the curved section of the screen. However, best video that will allow us to know benefits of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 curved display in a much more dynamic way. cc7c3d2413ba756b6fe46202f3d31c2e/v.swf

The article thus leverages MIUI 8 screen Xiaomi Mi Note 2 curve (video) was published in MovilZona.

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