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So it behaves the Chuwi HiBook Pro running them games Android more demanding

Chuwi just of launch its HiBook Pro, a tablet very similar to the device original of the firm but with a display of resolution 2 K. This evolution, in running games, can make us winning and at the same time, losing benefits. On the one hand the graphic detail and sharpness will be better, but it is important to check the capacity of the Intel ATOM X 5 to deal with some of the more complex physical of all is specifically designed for mobile phones and tablets having to move 2560 x 1600 pixels.

Is it eternal doubt at the time of choose a tablet with which run games: is preferable a screen with more pixels for reach an experience full in terms Visual or not deserves the penalty charge with both work to the processor to go all more soft? Each which will have their preferences. However, today I bring a review of the Chuwi HiBook Pro in video, made by the Middle TechTablets, where is prove their capabilities to move games after incorporate a screen Quad HD.

Chuwi HiBook Pro: main technical qualities

Our friends from Chuwi have sent us a HiBook Prounit, therefore, in no long time we can offer you in-depth analysis of the device. However, by now we focus only on their technical specifications and how they perform their duties to offer us the best possible gaming experience.

HiBook 10.1 ultrabook

The processor is an old acquaintance of (from Xiaomi to Teclast) Chinese manufacturers, who have relied on it many of its developments, an Intel ATOM X 5 Z3800 -Cherry Trail series, 1.44 GHz. In addition, we will have 4 GB of RAM, always bearing in mind that the tablet has dual-boot, and must also deal with Windows 10. However, this gaming test boils down to Android.

Chuwi puts to it selling its HiBook Pro, with screen 2 K

This makes the HiBook Pro with Real Racing 3, Dungeon Hunter 5 or Mortal Kombat

Can check it you same: the performance is very irregular and depends of the resolution to which is run the game (some allow calibrating it). For example, the Dungeon Hunter 5, Modern Combat 5 or Real Racing 3 van very fluid, while with the Clash of Clans and, especially the Mortal Kombat, is accused enormously the overload of pixels.

Chuwi Hibook (first generation): in-depth analysis of the tablet

In terms of benchmarks we see very similar to the first model records, while the temperature that reaches the terminal does not reach the 39th, a frankly positive data.

The article thus is involves the Chuwi HiBook Pro running them games Android more demanding is published in TabletZona.

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