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So easy in Super Mario Run, the novelty of the last update of the game

If you are one of the players more “casual” place and looking for hang out with games rather than squeeze your limits reaching all incurred achievements and for having, the latest update to Super Mario Run is intended for you.  Nintendo just of launching a review of its app for iOS that includes a collection of new features and corrections of errors, along with a new “mode easy” for Super Mario Run.

Precisely the update arrives the same day announced Nintendo profits in the third quarter as well as the number of downloads of the first title of the famous plumber to mobile devices: neither more nor less than 78 million download around the world since its launch in December. In addition, more than the 5% of these downloads have acquired the version full of the game., generating 53 million of income for the company.

But returning to the more playful point, which is in the interests of the end user, Nintendo has added this new easy in Super Mario Run mode to bring the title to all kinds of players, who can now explore the levels of the game (which allows the free version) easily without limits of time and unlimited bubbly, so players can be taken time wishing to complete a level and die as many times as necessary for overcome complicated sections.

super mario run android

Super Mario Run Update, apart from this new easy mode also includes new events, an adjustment to the amount of toads that are lost and the classic bug fixes that accompany earn Toad Rally mode to these revisions.

Super Mario Run se can download from the App Store of form free to play some levels, although as already have indicated if like access to all the content of the game of Nintendo must pass by box and disburse them 9,99 euros that costs the version complete.

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To when in Android?

In addition to the arrival of easy to Super Mario Run mode, which joins other innovations applied in the past to the Nintendo game, what interests most players of half the world is when you will reach Super Mario Run Android. According to the news appeared in weeks previous, nor there will be that wait much for enjoy of them racing of the plumber in mobile with the system operating of Google, because its landing is planned for the month of March.

Although the exact date of his arrival is not known, unless the new Nintendo game for mobile phones already appears in Google Play Store, in the form of prior registration that Yes.

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