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So are the novelties of hidden WhatsApps in their betas

A new trial version of WhatsApp has been released, and in the interior of this, hide some surprises that show will be like some of the new features that not much seems to arrive in the most widely used messaging application today. These have to do with video calling or way to share links to groups.

The information that has become known is hidden in one of the latest versions of the test that has been launched, it is the 2.16.212 , because capabilities that previously mentioned – have been able to turn and see them clearly demonstrates that soon will be heading since it is actually already included in WhatsApp. And, in this case, speak both IOS and Android developments.

Voice mail on WhatsApp, redial and fonts, the Android beta news

The first thing show is compared the so-called video interface. This is very clean and maintained both the icons as the usual structure (always, referring to those that already are heading into WhatsApp). In the Middle is where the corresponding image will be, but right now not has been used to see some published catches – as it stands to reason. To have a good prospect, in the image that we leave then left is lamorpia of iOS and the right Android.

Interfaz de las videollamadas en WhatsApp Beta

Share groups on WhatsApp

Here new hidden features in the betas of WhatsApp also have been located, and which have been activated to find out what they offer and the changes that will be heading. One of the details that is most striking when it comes to sharing groups is that disappears the possibility to use a QR code, which is not really clear whether this would be widely used. In this way, the option to copy the link or, failing that, share it with some of the possibilities that exist in the smartphone (such as an email or SMS) is maintained.

Opciones para compartir grupos en WhatsApp beta

WhatsApp will add authentication in two steps

As it has been seen, 2.16.212 trial version is hiding some of the developments that not much will be heading in WhatsApp, and many are users who expect them. This is especially so in regards to the video calls, a functionality offered by other developments of competition and that result from the most useful when you are in terms of mobility.

The article thus are hidden WhatsApps in their beta news was published in MovilZona.

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