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Sinister Edge: adventure and horror with lights and shadows

As science fiction is one of the video game and film industries, terror is one of the most prolific genres that we can meet. Fears dragged by human beings since the beginning of his career, have been source of inspiration for developers of works at first, for video game consoles and computers, and then, for tablets and smartphones.

Five Nights at Freddy´s is an example of how such securities have their place in the catalogues of applications with great success in the public. On the other hand, are finding a greater offer of games of terror that used the reality virtual for attempting to offer an experience more real. Between this variety, which is still limited when compared with the existing in such fields as the role or the strategy, also is hollow for others as a Sinister Edge, which we then its salient features.


One day, our family has been kidnapped. The mission main will be find her and rescue her. However, this will not be an easy task, since in an atmosphere full of dark corners, creatures and Paranormal phenomena, we must go forward slowly and solving all kinds of puzzles that will reveal us more clues about his whereabouts. Surviving will be priority.

sinister edge escenario


One of the main attractions used by developers of Sinister Edge is its compatibility with virtual reality. In case of not having glasses, it is possible to enjoy this game in HD format. On the other hand, has, according to its creators, a simple and intuitive interface to get an experience more immersive in the sinister environment in which this work takes place.


Sinister Edge does not have no cost initial. Although its figure of users still not has surpassed the million, in terms General has been well welcomed by them traits with regard to management that you discussed before and also, by some shopping integrated affordable that not exceed them two euros by element. However, he has also received critical in other very frequent appearances as some unexpected closures or the need for products to be able to continue with the games.

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Believe that Sinister Edge can be one of the references of a new generation of games that used as baza it reality augmented? Do you think that there is still much to improve on this and others to make them really attractive for the public? You have more information about similar titles grouped into lists so that you may know more alternatives available.

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