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Shoebox: Synchronization and photography go hand in hand

The applications photographic are focused, mostly, to a public young that uses these as complement to improve your experience in the networks social. Through various platforms which, I have presented some previously, millions of users can add dozens of effects and filters to the images captured through the Chambers of its terminals and take them to an almost professional level.

However, these platforms whose tender does not stop increase, also must face a number of challenges such as the opening to other audiences and improving the benefits that can offer to the public. One of the apps that tries to meet both objectives is Shoebox, which then we give more details and aims to attract professional groups. Did you succeed?


Broadly speaking, this application is a Gallery of photos and videos additional which can be found in our tablets and smartphones series. While them content is stored in the cloud, an of the strengths of this app according to their creators, is the made of that is guarantees it Security and privacy of them images in all time. Social networks nor lose relevance in this platform as it happens elsewhere, since it allows to share files through the most used as Facebook.

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As we have mentioned before, one of the challenges many applications focusing on a younger audience, is the fact of loyalty to new users. In the case of Shoebox, this comes through the connection with other platforms such as televisions and computers. At the same time, allows the storage of them photographs in USB and its reproduction through Chromecast. Among them data that can get of each image, find the date and the location.


An once more, this app does not have no cost initial. From its landing in Google Play makes some weeks, has got head is toward the million of users, that have valued positively aspects as the capacity of storage that offers. However, also has received critical as it loss accidental in the cloud of them images of some that it have downloaded, the lack of versions in more languages, or them shopping integrated to get more space and that come to them 4 euros by element.

WP-Appbox: Shoebox – Photo Backup Cloud (free+, Google Play) →

Do you think that Shoebox can have complicated its position in the market by problems such as those I have mentioned? Have available more information about other applications of the same gender as SNOW so can say you same while know more alternative.

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