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Share your Wi-Fi network from your iPhone with your friends in a one-touch

On more than one occasion we’ve gone to the home of a friend or family member and we have pointed out access to the Wi-Fi network for one reason or another. What happens then? Locate the router, want the sticker of the password is not worn, reciting a compendium of letters and endless number… All these steps could save you from them if you have an iPhone and Wi-Fi Widget application.

Thanks to this application for iOS share your Wi-Fi network from the iPhone is as simple as making a touch on the screen. One touch is enough to share the name of the Wi-Fi network to which our friends or family can be connected and at the same time Exchange password with them to avoid the classical dictates of alphanumeric characters which should give way to the password of your router.

wi-fi widget

The passwords Wi-Fi is synchronized of form secure and private through the keychain of iCloud, by what only has access the same user that has with the credentials of access to the same. It can be accessed the network data from the screen of the Apple smartphone lock, because the application can be set as a WidGet in the Centre of notifications being much simpler this way share the connection from the iPhone.

Once consulted the name and password to the wireless network in your home, you own iOS Widget will give you the option to copy the password or share it with any of your contacts safely.

Check the status of the wireless network

But Wi-Fi Widget is not only aimed at power sharing your WiFi from the iPhone, since the software hides behind yes some other interesting function. The app offers the possibility to test the connection from any place and, for example, for testing the latency detected in the Wi-Fi network in your home or workplace.

During these days you can take advantage of the price promotional of the app in App Store and save time and frustration at the time of sharing your connection to Internet. You can download Wi-Fi Widget, compatible with 3D Touch, from the market of Apple applications from 0.99 euros and consult quickly and to check the status of the network without even unlocking the iPhone.

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