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Several of the options of the LG V20 appear in an official video

Waiting for 6 September that will be when the new part LG V20 in an official way, the Asian company has released a video where he explains in a very particular way some of the functions which, in the majority of cases, are given for being the first non-Nexus model that will include Android 7.0 out of the box.

The case is that if you are interested in this phablet, which notes that it is a very strong commitment from the manufacturer and therefore should expect the best of him, recording published on the U.S. company Twitter profile is the most clarifying of what they believe to be their strengths when it comes to using it. By the way, stating that video has been done with the own LG V20 and the truth is that it is a great quality (and would have who knows if he has edited later).

LG V20 will be first with Android 7.0, which is not a Nexus

Then let the information so it is sighted, and certainly draws attention that the action happens in the kitchen and made comparisons of the more sympathetic in this regard, where multitasking stands out above all:

September 6 is looking pretty sweet. See what the #LGV20 with @Android Nougat can do out of the box

-LG uses Mobile (@LGUSAMobile) 26 of August of 2016

Some details that can be

Any of the interesting is how easy that is modifying the menu of quick hits , where it is possible to change the position of each icon with drag and drop gesture, which the user will always have close at hand options most used in day to day without effort in the process. Also some options like Google and references to Allo Assistant are present.


New images of the LG V20 displayed in detail its design

In what is refers to the hardware, by the time not is has confirmed nothing of what will be of the split the LG V20, but all points that are before a device with processor Snapdragon 820 ; 4 GB of RAM; screen of 5.5 inches (see without with panel QHD); camera main of 20 megapixel; and battery of 4,000 mAh. will get plant face to the best phablets of the market?

The article several of them options of use of the LG V20 appear in a video official is published at MovilZona.

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