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Several apps have been sharing your phone without permission number

Privacy in mobile applications is one of the main concerns of users, since who more and who less knows that the information asking us the apps that we install are a well prized by many friends of the alien. After the controversial WhatsApp and Facebook, which have been forced to stop sharing data between themselves, now know information that points to that we have been sharing our phone number through several apps, and worst of all, without our permission.

As we said our more sensitive data between different applications traffic is something sadly routine, sometimes, the least, without our consent, and others with him even on the edge of legality and ethics.

They have been sharing your telephone number, and without that know it

That is what we have known thanks to the BBC, which has revealed that several applications have been sharing publicly our address book contacts without that we would have no idea of this. These applications are also the most popular Android, they are apps designed inter alia to prevent phone SPAM, ironically. These apps are CM Security, clock and, and ask for permissions to them users for to run them filters, and in between them is found the of access to our book of contacts, something that has propitiated this leak and of our numbers of phone.

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It worst of all not is that is share our data, something already of by itself very serious, but these are present in a database public to which is can access looking for without too much effort by Internet, with what is is of a serious violation of our privacy. It is clear that the permission we give to these applications has nothing to do with sharing this information publicly, and it should be only accessed it for the purpose with which the application has been downloaded.

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Thus it is relatively simple to access phone numbers of people who use these applications, although fortunately cannot be known the name of the owner of the number or numbers of the address book in a simple way. Although permits an application to give you access to our address book contacts is very commonplace, what is troubling about this case is that the policy of these applications does not specify what they do with this information.

To which they have access in our phone and even omitted that they do with these data, because in theory they only have access to them and at no point to holding. The only thing that can be done to avoid this potential risk of ending our phone number in the most unlikely place is that not install some of these applications.

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