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Script Giro: the Galaxy S Tab did have a Marshmallow and it is already coming

We have last a week somewhat crazy with regard to the Update of a model concrete of Samsung: the Galaxy Tab S. Although was more or less secured his reception of Android 6.0, a representative of the subsidiary Dutch of the signs announced that not would have ration of Marshmallow for the device, leaving us a little to pictures. The company Korean has responded with facts and, finally, is deploying version in the variant LTE of 10.5 inches.

Us it was really strange that the Galaxy S Tab would not receive at least Android Marshmallow, bearing in mind that a device less in benefits as it is the Galaxy Tab takes time working with that version of the system. However, have last more than 4 days until Samsung has since up the OTA of the model in Germany, said be of step, catching us by surprise. Is clear symptom of that Android 6.0 will continue deploying is by other regions and on other variants of the terminal.

Finally the Galaxy S Tab will not receive the update a Marshmallow

Galaxy Tab S and Android Marshmallow: news update

The version that it is distributing is, specifically, Android 6.0.1, which comes in a download relatively small, of so only 812 MB. That itself, will be with all them news that carry time coming to them terminals of Samsung that updated to this version: Doze, drawer of apps redesigned and management individual of them permissions for the applications.

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Book Cover soporte

For now, it’s the update on the 10.5 inch (the larger) model, with LTE connectivity, and the round of OTAs has begun by Germany, right next to where we were told a few days ago would not happen. It is, however, only the beginning. We hope that Android Marshmallow go running through other countries and also reach the version of 8.4 inches, which we had the opportunity to try here, at TabletZona.

How to install firmware on your model with 10.5 inch LTE

Although not live in Germany, if your Galaxy Tab S drive corresponds to which has been chosen to begin the deployment, you can flashearla manually using the Odinprogram. Sammobile is the firmware in your repositories. We must just download it and follow the procedure that we have explained on other occasions. We leave here the link:

Manually install Android 6.0 on your Galaxy Tab to 8.0

If decide to wait, another possibility is pass us when by the section information of the tablet in the paragraph of settings and look in update of software if the OTA was available although not us has jumped the notification.

Item script Giro: the Galaxy S Tab did have Marshmallow and is now published in TabletZona.

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