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Science apps that will make our tablets laboratories

When you show lists of applications of fields specific, you have how areas that until ago little, had remained to the margin of the digitization and the boom of them formats portable, is have finished introducing in them. Education, health or travel are some of the most prominent. However, already is possible perform other actions of the day to day as plan training for those lovers of the sport, or be tanto of it today world of way instant through the screens of tablets and smartphones. Another factor in the success of platforms that help all this, is the fact that break all kinds of barriers, from the geographical to the age.

In the last weeks I have counted more on apps emerged to cover them large events sports of the year. On the other hand, throughout the summer, we have offered rankings of leisure tools to be aware of all the events that have taken place during the summer period. Today, we told you more about a series of scientific applications that can prove very useful for those you wish to learn more about how it happens everything that happens to you around and beyond.

1. Science News

Started with an app that us offers information to the instant of all them finds that have had impact lately and extracted from them main means both generalists as specialized. Science News is divided into several categories such as technology, health or astronomy. At the same time, contains a section of references with the objective of approach more this field to them users. It has a component of social network that allows you to share our favorite articles with friends. Features of a mode offline that however, has been criticized by a bad performance. Also has received opinions negative by does not contain a database more extended.

WP-Appbox: Science – science news (free, Google Play) →

2. Science News

Broadly speaking, we could consider to this platform as the equivalent of the first for the Anglo-Saxon world though it may be an alternative if you have a good level of English. However, has important differences: on the one hand has the option to subscribe and pay amounts that reach the 3.23 euros to unlock all its features. By another, links to portals of Youtube specialized in the field scientific to be able to access to content audiovisual. Account with an offline mode that allows you to save the news to read them later as well as rate and know what the tendencies of the time.

WP-Appbox: Science News & Discoveries-NF (free+, Google Play) →


The talks of this channel, that include multitude of disciplines, are making is in a resource each time more used in fields as the education. The operation of this platform is simple: access to the library of videos and chose that more US interest. One of its strengths is that it counts with subtitled in several languages. The papers are grouped by categories in order to facilitate the search for them and it is also possible to share them via social networks and other users. While it is heading towards the 50 million downloads, it has received criticism for unexpected closures and errors in logons.

WP-Appbox: TED (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: TED (free, App Store) →

4 Curiosity

With your content grouped in large families, this platform offers thousands of anecdotal data on fields such as biology or anthropology among others. Its creators claim that is a good alternative to know more on what happens to our around way simple and understandable for all the public. However, its major drawback is the fact that it is available only in English and required a knowledge medium of language to enjoy all that offers. Everyday new references are available and it is compatible only with terminals that have Android 5.0 or higher.

WP-Appbox: Curiosity – Learn easy (Google Play free) →


Finally, we ended up with the platform of the U.S. space agency that managed to bring the man to the moon. In recent years, this tool for tablets and smartphones as well as profiles on social networks of the institution, have millions of followers all over the world thanks to elements that we can find more than 14,000 photographs real and updated that sent the main missions that currently roam the cosmos, until news, interactive maps and free live NASA TV. As it is usual, it has the possibility of sharing all this through the most popular networks. It has become in one of the most popular in the world in its field to exceed the 10 million downloads and has no initial cost.

WP-Appbox: NASA (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: NASA (free, App Store) →

Do you take any less tool in this list of apps? Do you think that its appearance in the catalogs may be useful for bringing science to the public and to turn it into a field that will attract even more attention from users? You have available more information as for example, a list of educational platforms that will be interesting for those who are interested in acquiring more knowledge in languages and other materials through your tablets and smartphones.

The Apps article from science that our tablets become laboratories was published in TabletZona.

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