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Save by purchasing books of text from the mobile with Wallapop and Vibbo

Without eat it or drink it the summer begins to come to its end. This means not only the emergence of the so feared post-holiday depression, but the home of one of the most difficult to overcome for every father and mother periods: the slope of September. The start of the new school year brings a large number of expenses, so then you say how Save buying textbooks from the mobile.

In the markets of applications there are several apps purchase where the parents have found a solution to reduce the expenditure involved in purchasing new textbooks every year. Therefore, in these applications such as Wallapop or Vibbo you can find textbooks for second hand at one much lower price than that you’d find in any store.


For some time now this part Wallapop has managed to become one of the most useful applications for Android and iOS, and perhaps the best implementation of purchase sale present in the markets of applications.

If like save buying books of text from the mobile you may be happy know that the application has since launched its promotion of “turned to the cole” that many users are following. In this way you can locate all the textbooks present in the app using the hashtag #operacioncole and locate the material that your children need urgent. Wallapop has with books of primary, Bachelor, FP and all what you can imagine.

operación cole wallapop

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Other alternative

If Wallapop took the idea of the portal to develop your business, applying new technologies, did the same thing with Wallapop and adopted its system to launch Vibbo, another application with which toSave buying textbooks from mobile.

To find second hand textbooks simply download and install the application and then begins to search for all those books that your children should take to slopes throughout the school year 2016/17.

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If it want to also can make use of other platforms of truque of books or Exchange of books of text present in the web as can be Relibrea, Truequebook or bag of books, where with luck will find all what need in an open and close of eyes from the comfort of your smartphone.

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