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Samsung: taking the reins of the integration with the PC in the Galaxy S8

Much is has spoken of Windows 10 and his desire of unification in a single platform for all your devices. The project was sold as something immediate, however, the failure was evident after the fall of smartphones and the permanent shortage of native apps for touch. While Google thinks it is, Samsung will seek to deal with the challenge of integration in your Galaxy S8, with a “computer mode” or Desktop Experience.

Google is the head of Android, that is clear, however, Samsung, by his great success in selling hardware, platform gives you a point of equilibrium and innovation without which would not be what it is. For many users them devices Galaxy are them only that contemplate as alternative to the iPhone or to the iPad, and that makes that the signature of Finder depend on in huge measure of your partner more powerful.

Samsung S7 Edge y Google Nexus 6P comparados

On the other hand, Samsung not has fear in creating their own developments of software starting from the base that is a system of code open, AOSP. Inspired by experiences such as Andromium, Chrome OS or the SuperBook, the Korean company is now working on a Desktop Experience, something similar to what allegedly means Andromeda at the time.

Connect the Galaxy S8 to the computer to have a system mobile with keyboard and mouse

As designated fellow of The free Androidtoday, it has leaked a Samsung Desktop Experience tool which aims to overturn everything there is on a smartphone to a computer, to control applications, menus, services and the rest of the software on a stand with keyboard and mouse.

Samsung desktop experiencie

Today the HP Elite X 3 allows something very similar although their performance has as axis to the cloud. However, the Snapdragon 835 will allow, we have been told, emulate applications of architecture x 86 with an ARM processor, and that is the great asset of 10 Windows Mobile to not die prematurely. If doubt, the Desktop Experience of Samsung is going to be a hard hit for them boys of Redmond.

Now the computer condition of mere attachment to be relegated?

Much seems to say, given that since the first iPhone (and not to mention with the iPad) is have been prophesying the death of your computer. However, although the format with keys and display remain unchanged, whether on laptop or desktop, the fact that this consist only of a hollow box or driver to run what we have on the phone or the tablet seems close right now.

The Samsung article: taking the reins of the integration with the PC in the S8 Galaxy was published in TabletZona.

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