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Samsung starts to sell reconditioned Galaxy smartphones at affordable prices

As there was speculation, Samsung has started a new commercial project linked to the sale of reconditioned smartphones. While it was expected that the firm put up this new modality from next year, the truth is that plans have anticipated, at least in the United States. And it is that first bids in which teams can be found as Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge already appear in the company’s online store.

The Smartphone’s second hand market has been and is currently a very interesting option for those who wish to purchase a high-performance model, but at a price well below the official. All in Exchange for not brand new product. However, the agreements between users through specific platforms can entail risks. Here is where Samsung wants to participate with an advantage that is none other than the warranty purchased a used equipment, but in perfect condition.

Samsung plans to launch a phone sales program

Samsung Galaxy discounted

Samsung wants to give a new impulse to the sales of its smartphones Samsung Galaxy and the program of equipment reconditioned will allow to the signature adapt is not only to others profiles of customers, but to others markets. In this way, mark will make available terminals of the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge at greatly reduced prices, bidding set for those looking for a premium smartphone, but at a price below the market. A discount for those who have no problem in buying a reconditioned equipment.

The advantage of Samsung program is that the mark is a guarantee that the smartphone is in perfect condition, without damage. In the process of checking and restoration he joined headset and charger sales pack new, offering one year warranty to give more confidence to customer of such products.Oferta de smartphones Samsung Galaxy reacondicionados

At present, only in the U.S.

And to what extent may want a refurbished Samsung Galaxy? Maybe if we appreciate some of the options available in the online shop of Samsung in the United States, we can see more or less attractive offers, from a Samsung Galaxy S4 by about $200, Samsung Galaxy S5, through to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Most Succulents may seem these latest offerings, since model with curved display is available for about $450 and the “normal” for 399 dollars.

As already mentioned, the reconditioned Samsung Galaxy, mostly from from I renew, they have been on sale initially in the United States. However, you will have to wait to check what are the plans of the company in regard to the expansion of this business model. If will come to Europe, and more specifically to Spain, is all a unknown by the moment, but of what not should be the less doubt is that Asia seems a stop forced.

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