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Samsung reveals the origin of the problems of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has just of give shelve to one of them moments more complicated that has had that cross the company on the occasion of them problems detected in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, one of the best phablets of the year that had that be retired of the market by them sudden incidents displayed by the terminal. Now, as announced the brand at the beginning of year, arrive them explanations official on the origin of the problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

From the time in that is detected them first failures with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in form of sudden blasts of their batteries all is developed in a mess of relations public it sufficiently large as to Samsung not could discard the problem. Of this form the company made it only that could make, choose by a decision equal of risky that responsible and start the program of collected of all them Note 7 sold, near 3,000,000 of units.

Now, months after start the program of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7collection, Korean manufacturer has finally announced where the origin of the problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, through a press conference where a video with explanations of the company, in addition to an apology and a brief background story has been published.

The battery of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Finally the origin of the problems encountered in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is in the design of the device, which directly affects the battery integrated in the smartphone. The internal design of the device and the limited space that had the battery to expand has been the main problem with Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

This conclusion has been reached after thoroughly analyzing more than 200 thousand devices comprehensively, before checking possible anomalies of the feature with respect to the resistance to water, fast-charging, Wireless charging, the iris scanner, software and USB type C. None of these Samsung internal tests showed no problem.

galaxy note 7 problemas

Mark went on to examine closely the production process then enlisted the help of third party researchers, including UL, Exponent, and TUV Rheinland AG. Is in this part of the process when it detected a couple of problems that affected both to them units original as to them of replacement.

The first Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries seem to be affected by a design defect in the upper corners, specifically in the upper right corner, which could present anomalies. This, coupled with a design where the anode and cathode had a thinner separator that cycles of load was damaged, putting in contact both poles, end causing inflammation of the electrolyte, and subsequent short.

The positive and negative electrodes are usually separated by a protective coating. If such layer protective is damaged, the electrodes can find is and cause a short circuit, and this was the main problem of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Something similar would happen with them batteries of replacement manufactured by ATL, component that besides them problems earlier lacked of insulating in them tabs and had a high number of welds that damaged even more the battery.

Samsung and all other parties investigating problems of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 offer quite complex explanations of its tests. Those that want to get all them details can go is to the page of Samsung where will find all the information and links to all the research.

After them explanations of the company that can see in this infographic is by closed the “case Samsung Galaxy Note 7” and maintain the look put in them next news of the signature as can be the expected Samsung Galaxy S8 that make forget to all them users them problems appeared in its last phablet.

galaxy note 7 baterías

The Samsung article reveals the origin of the problems of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was published in MovilZona.

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