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Samsung prepares a Galaxy Tab at 10.1 S-pen

A few months ago Samsung led to market an Galaxy Tab A of 10.1 inches with that middle range was braced, after several models of smaller and also more modest benefits. The new terminal, which now has been leaked, thanks to its instruction manual, has a very similar look, but includes one of the most popular objects of Samsung, S-Pen. We give all the details below.

Much of the artillery from Samsung for this year is already laid out, waiting for the Galaxy Tab S3, tablet that we place high hopes, to make Act of presence in the IFA. The Tab to 10.1 with stylus that this morning we have had news combines features of two of the most emblematic of the Korean company: on the one hand, Note 7 and its S-Pen, on the other, the tablet of mid-range in new format, which was one of the great revelations of the past 2015, becoming a bestseller.

Samsung confirms the launch of its Galaxy Tab S3 in September

The S-Pen has more potential in screens large

The first Note served as a platform to the popularity of the S Pen, something which has had continuity later and which for some is the great incentive to the entire product line. However, also will begin to hear voices that are running to, still being in love of all them Galaxy Note, not used never the S Pen and prefer handle is with them fingers. Is more, come in this gadget something “old”.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 evento

Until what point is something reasoned or is a tantrum by the fact of that Apple now also have your Pencil is something that not can determine. What Yes know is that them screens large seem to have is won the favor of this type of accessories, when it intuition us would have said it opposite: is necessary Jenny more fine in a space with icons and menus small.

A replica of the Galaxy Tab to 10.1

Little more or less, is what hope of this tablet with S-Pen, identical forms and features technical, but with support for the Pencil of Samsung. We remind you that model fits well to the midrange 1920 x 1200 screen pixel 10.1 inch and portrait orientation and processor Exynos 7870 eight-core 1, 6 GHz. Also, assume that the model will bring of series all those apps developed by the manufacturer to use specific of the pencil and that so good party can remove them users enthusiasts of the drawing, and the design, or even the students.

The Galaxy Tab to 10.1 (2016) it’s official and arrives at stores in June


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