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Samsung moves the presentation of the Galaxy Tab S3 in their invitations to the MWC

Now already that not fits any doubt: the Galaxy Tab S3 will be presented the next Sunday 26 during the days of conferences on the occasion of the MWC. Once we are clear that the Galaxy S8 will not arrive until, probably, the month of April, this long-awaited tablet of Koreans will be the main attraction of the firm during the technology fair that every year takes place in Barcelona in the last days of the month of February.

Today have been first designs that Samsung has prepared to promote their participation in the MWC and the pictures leave no doubt. The Galaxy Tab S3 will be presented at Barcelona, after skipping several appointments. Indeed, in the last weeks have seen circular different information in the media that had as focus the processor of the tablet, as well as its hypothetical price. Finally, a high-end and large-format Android hit the market, after a year of major drought in which Huawei has been virtually the only active manufacturer.

Galaxy Tab S3: characteristics of almost complete and final date

Only is wait to the next Sunday 26 of February to know the details of form official, and see how luce this expected Galaxy Tab S3. That clear, should not be filtered before images of the terminal. It true, anyway, is that their data are already on the table and, except a small clarification, seems safe that this tablet will give it size and will show levels to which nobody could get in the last 2016.

Galaxy Tab S2 capa de personalizacion

As it has been previously saying, the S3 will bring a Super AMOLED screen 9.7 inches with resolution 2048 x 1536. Your processor will be well a Snapdragon 820, or a Exynos 7420. We don’t know if there will be two variants with each or will opt to a specific configuration. If finally is thus, are committed by the SoC of Qualcomm. 4GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, USB type C port and traces on the front sensor. The version of Android will be the 7.0 Nougat.

Last tablet high-end Android of the firm?

Diversification of the market, the great boom of convertibles and equipment suitable for areas demand professional and educational, as well as a possible bid by Google Chrome OS or even a hybrid system known for now as Andromeda, may make this the last Samsung Android tablet. It is clear that if someone is able to get sales highlighted in the platform right now with a device above the 500 euros, that is the Korean firm, however, many other circumstances play against.

It will be interesting to see how this new Galaxy Tab S3 is welcomed by the public.

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