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Samsung may have reached the Summit with the Note 7?

Samsung continues as the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world. Despite the greater weight that Chinese companies are acquired in the market, the truth is that South Korean technology maintains the leadership. However, the arrival in the high-end sector of the phablets of companies like Huawei, has more raised the bar and obliges all companies who aspire to this segment, to innovate in a race against time to keep, and also, by offering something that is attractive to an ever more demanding public. These users, who also seek a balance between benefits and cost, you can enjoy advances as reality Virtual or, soon, of the freedom to set their own terminals via new modules.

In this context, the time is converted in a factor crucial that leads to them marks to launch or develop several ships logo in a same year. Even with the hangover of the Galaxy Note 7, which has managed to sit as one of the best smartphones of 2016 thanks to, among other features, to its benefits of image, and the forecast for reservations for this terminal to remain small with a greater amount of orders, Seoul’s already could be working on a new device in the face early 2017. Specialized portals already are echoing the drip of information, some confirmed and others not, on this phablet, which could be called S8 and that then we’ll tell you what is already known of it.

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At the time of speaking of the appearance physical of this terminal, must be very cautious. While some forums and portals have been leaked photographs about the design of this terminal, the truth is that they differ much from one another, and that can lead to a lack of credibility. In this aspect, it only that can do is wait to pass the time and, as tends to be usual, leave that this factor help to reveal more features about its size, its weight and them materials with what count.

How could be your screen?

From portals as Sammobile, ensure that Samsung would be working on several fronts at the time of provide to their next devices of the best benefits of image. On the one hand, the S8 we could attend the birth of a new generation of phablets that would be characterized first of all by an increase in resolution of cameras of the same, that could, in the case of the rear, a fork that would go from the 18th until the 24 Mpx. On the other hand, the technological South Korean is would focus on increasing the size of these components. Although is unknown the size of the panel, also is speculated with the possibility of that can withstand the format 4 K.

4K imagen

The power of Exynos

As we have said before, it is still too early to give additional information about the S8, since what little is known about it. However, we can make us an idea of how could be the terminal taking in has them work of Samsung in some fields to day of today. Between them progress more striking of the firm, stands out the manufacturing of new processors of the series Exynos. Once again, from Sammobile say that we could be with the arrival of a new chip, called 8895 which would reach maximum speeds of 4 Ghz.

Future markers

When in recent months, we have spoken of other phablets on the market, we have mentioned the emergence of biometric markers such as fingerprint readers or Note 7, the iris scanner. However, since South Korea intended to go a step further and, thanks to recognition by laser technology, it would be possible to find us in the medium term terminals that include new readers using our blood vessels as a pattern and at the same time, as a safety measure and protection of users.

escaner de iris note

When can we see it?

What could be the upcoming major release of Samsung, could see the light during the first technological appointments of global relevance that will take place during the first months of 2017. Sites like Techradar shuffled the possibility that the S8 will light during the MWC in Barcelona that will take place at the end of February. For this date, they are used as an argument the fact that this fair has taken place ads or presentations of some of the most powerful terminals from Korea of the South during these events.

Pending that will be giving details on this model, the truth is that it is possible to ensure that trends in respect of tablets and smartphones that we will see over the next few years, will vary much with respect to the today. The consolidation of some features that have made the great leap in 2016, we will add others that will be focused on an experience more immersive. After learning more about what already is revealing with caution about the next thing that could come from Samsung. In the meantime, you have available more information about the last device of the firm, Galaxy Note 7, so opinéis yourselves on the strengths and weaknesses of this terminal and judge how their successors should be.

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