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Samsung is working on a Tablet Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen

After the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, all the news has been focused on the new large phablet of the Korean firm, but beyond the 7 Note there is life, and Samsung continues to develop new products of big dimensions, such as tablets. On this occasion we make echo of information that points to that the Koreans are preparing a new model of its Galaxy Tab to which would include a feature almost exclusively of the Note, as it is the inclusion of a S-Pen, one of the most characteristic elements of its range of phablet.

Samsung would be working in a new Tablet from the range to, that on this occasion would integrate the same S-Pen that has premiered in Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Also along with this information is have filtered several of them features with which would have this new Tablet from Samsung.

New Galaxy Tab to with S-Pen

The filtration is has produced in the same page official of Samsung, where is has hung a manual that us offers some features of this new tablet, among which stands out certainly the new S-Pen.

Galaxy Tab A con S-Pen

This manual belongs to the models SM-P580 and SM-P585 that are flat and features of this new tablet that who knows if would be near your presentation. The Galaxy Tab A new important specifications are mentioned in this filtration. And the truth that are quite interesting, because it would have Exynos 7870 processor at a speed of 1, 6 GHz.

Galaxy Tab A con S-Pen

The screen would be of 10.1 inch while as is shows in the flat would have with slot for Cards microSD. Although undoubtedly the star of this tablet would be it inclusion of a S-Pen as which normally equipped with the terminals of the range Note. In this case you can see in plans tablet on one side of its chassis integrated hollow to keep the S-pen.

Galaxy Tab A con S-Pen

This would imply the development of software specific for this tablet with the objective of get you all the party to this technology, similar to makes the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a great number of applications exclusive for use this pencil smart.

Galaxy Tab A con S-Pen

At the moment does not know any information about the possible price of this tablet, and much less about when he could present it Samsung, but without a doubt this manual reveals that Koreans want to bet strong on its already characteristic S-Pen, and give him a new chance in a stand which is ideal for use as a Tablet’s larger screen.

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