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Samsung Gear S2 Classic, the first with eSIM of Orange and a half of price

The Orange operator has just announced that you will sell, for the first time and according to her premiere in Spain, a mobile product with no SIM card. I.e., with e-SIM, and in particular it is the Samsung Gear S2 Classic clock that arrives at half price.

Orange has announced that it is the first operator that launches a product that will take its services but will not have SIM card in Spain. Obviously, still not can be a mobile because not exist and neither is is of a tablet-remember that the iPad Air in USA already offered this service of SIM virtual-. The product having the vitola first coming to Spain from the hands of an operator that a SIM card is not integrated, is the intelligent Watch Samsung Gear S2 Classic, presented by 2015 – and that has nothing to do with the Samsung Gear S3 Classic two days ago has landed in Spain.

Special price of the Samsung Gear S2 3G Orange: 150 euros

In particular is the model Samsung Gear S2 3 G Classic that yesterday same is put to the sale in the distribution free in Spain. Front of this launch, Orange puts the team at a promotional price of 150 euros which makes it an appealing face Christmas gift and it will remain so until “end of stock”.

samsung gear s2 classic

How can you be connected and do not have SIM card?

Already makes most of two years which, in Europe, we are working to remove the SIM card and in the MWC in 2014 we could attend a meeting with Movistar which explained the system that was preparing for the arrival of the eSIM.

The year 2017 is expected – although some already say that it will delay the arrival of the eSIM mobiles to Spain – to make handsets that are coming to the market to integrate a chip which will be which will be configured with different operators, be they national or international, so that users can forget the “dual SIM” or terminals similar to when want to carry two numbers or accounts in the same mobile.

Funcionamiento de una tarjeta eSIM

Some of the questions that remain is whether this eSIM is going to allow multiple simultaneous connections or just we have configured multiple operators to have different numbers of active at the same time – an idea that is that least likes to latter.

The Elimination of the SIM in the device will allow to create thin and light mobile terminals, but above all, we will see an explosion of connected objects that can now be configured and connect to 4 G networks without a mobile phone or a SIM card. This is the main challenge and rationale for the development of 5G networks that, from 2020, begin to see deployed worldwide.

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