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Samsung Galaxy X with screen flexible, more details of its launch

From makes enough months come knowing different details about the prototypes developed by Samsung to launch a new phone that would be simply revolutionary. We talk about the Samsung Galaxy X, a phone that would have a flexible display that would challenge the standards set with a really surprising aspect. Now we have known new details about the time in that will see this new terminal in the shops. Certainly this Samsung Galaxy X with screen flexible will be one of the boost for the brand after the bump generated by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

As say not is nor much less the first time that see or know new informations around the Samsung Galaxy X with screen flexible, data each time more revealing about this surprising terminal.

More details on the launch of the Samsung Galaxy X

We are ever closer to see the arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy X is something obvious, but on this occasion the information arriving from China return to ratify a date approximately to the presentation of this new terminal. In the country Asian is has returned to filter a new date approximate that points to the two last quarters of the year for his presentation, specify the Q3 and Q4 of this 2017. So while the latest information pointed to this year for its launch, now the circle is closes on the last half of the year for this arrival to the market.

Samsung Galaxy X

Who knows if after them plans frustrated of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the signature Korean would be shuffling the possibility of launch this spectacular terminal rather than offer a new delivery of its Galaxy Note, although all points to could live perfectly in the market, both the Galaxy S8, as the Note 8 and the Galaxy X. This new terminal of Samsung not only would have with a screen flexible, but this also would have a spectacular resolution 4 K, which ahondaría in his showmanship.

Them different images and concepts that have seen of this terminal us show a device of aspect revolutionary, that could deploy and return to fold your screen as if of a book is were, and all this without waive to any aspect of its performance. In any case seems that will leave of doubts to it turned of the summer, that is the date more likely to be presented this new Samsung Galaxy X with screen flexible, a phone that undoubtedly will be the more revolutionary of this 2017 that just of brand new.

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