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Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro can be seen on GeekBench with 4 GB of RAM

Are seeing as each day, Samsung is an of the few companies that, due to his great catalogue of mobile and its importance, leave in all them news, is by a reason u another. Today, the news that us has arrived, is on its range average, and is that is has filtered the Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro in Internet showing all their features.

The middle range of Samsung is becoming increasingly more competitive. The other day, saw as the Galaxy A5 2017 is presented officially in Spain, and it could try for give you some first impressions. Two years ago, the middle range of Samsung has given a remarkable growth that turns him into one of the best, also in this price range. Now will have that see if the new range half of which go to talk, meets the expectations.

Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro takes a processor Snapdragon 625

The next Samsung mid-range has been leaked online, and has left us to see what would be their specifications. GeekBench, we can see that the Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro, take a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 with a rate of 2.21 GHz, which means to be very near the so-called range average premium. In terms of RAM memory, nor it will miss you nothing, since it will incorporate 4 GB of RAM, that will make this mobile performance added to the latest version of Android is remarkable. Although it comes out with Android 6 on the tab, we do not believe that Samsung finally bet for an old version.

Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro

Others details that can know thanks to its last filtration, is that will take a screen of 5.2 inches with resolution FullHD, 64 GB of storage, and two chambers of 16 Megapixel, in the rear and in the front.

Your battery will be of 3,000 mAh, a good number for a processor Snapdragon and a screen of 5.2 inches. If we see its dimensions, 145.7 x 71 × 4 x 6.95 mm, we see that it will not be a very compact device, since there are brands that take better advantage of the front of the screen of this Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro.

When will be presented?

We do not know when this phone will be since according to recent leaks that reached us last month, the Samsung Galaxy Pro C5 and C7 will have to be presented on January 21. We will see when Samsung, presents it and will also watch if they have this first, or Samsung Galaxy J7 2017, leaked recently letting us see your whole body.

The Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro article can be seen on GeekBench with 4 GB of RAM was published in MovilZona.

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