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Samsung discovers the cause of the problems of the Note 7 and it will reveal in some weeks

No doubt that it has been one of the themes of the season, referring to the famous issue of the problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to the behavior of your battery. Remember that after them first problems, the signature opted by change of provider to solve of root the incidence, something that unfortunately not spent, with them consequent consequences for the brand. The most extreme consequence occurred when some airlines banned not only the equipment, but the possibility of shipping by the mere act of carrying one although it was apagado. The result was that for the first time in its history the firm was forced to stop production of the phablet and let it sell.

S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Until January nothing

Stop once the production was in the air which was the real cause of the battery of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is calentasen, reached in some cases ignite. The explanation seems that already has been achieved, at least so the newspaper picks it up with headquarters in Seoul, JoongAng Ilbo, which ensures that the signing already has it detected and controlled. But the no less news is that, according to the same source, those details will not be disclosed until the middle of January.

Pantalla Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In our humble view, we put “quarantined”, given how touchy is that information and how its dissemination can influence the reputation of the brand. Either way there are sources pointing that that information will be shared first with the firm, investors obviously remain quite critical with the brand since this process began.

Between Korea and the U.S.

As complementary details point that the Korean newspaper CITES two technical entities as partners in this work. On the one hand this Underwriter Laboratories, based in the United States, who has maintained a parallel investigation with the other entity, the State of evidence of Korea laboratory , to both find and above all to demonstrate the real causes of the problem of the batteries.

What is clear is that Samsung needs as soon as possible close the topic of Note 7, communicating the information annotated or launching a new phablet that leave the mouth open to everyone, as happened with Note 7 until the batteries began to war. If it manages to overcome it and keep walking with your Note, Galaxy and the extensive product range which has, the firm has everything to make a record 2017, but it is key to this theme is once all tightly closed and mostly clear.

He article Samsung discovers the cause of the problems of the Note 7 and it will reveal in some weeks is published in MovilZona.

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