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S’aimera, what are the possibilities of another app photo?

The improvement of image characteristics in our tablets and smartphones, has been accompanied by a surge of apps for creating and editing that complement the cameras built into the devices. On the other hand, the selfie phenomenon has also led to an earlier and a later in the trajectory of these tools, which now, among its most characteristic functions, incorporate elements to the self-portraits, either singly, or with our friends.

However, and as in other areas such as role-playing games and messaging apps, can find an offer that does not stop increase and that for many, also may be symptom of saturation. Innovation is once again one of the tricks used by the developers to try to offer something different. Is the case of S’aimera, of which then you have their issues more striking.


As it is customary in other similar platforms, S’aimera allows you to modify your photos and videos with the incorporation of more than 140 different filters. Depending on whether we do a selfie, take a picture of a landscape or recorded, we will have a number of effects in order to achieve a result the most personalized and professional as possible. The capacity of modification of the own camera is an of them points more attractive of this application, that us allows change the shutter of them sensors to adapt it even more to our needs.

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Social network elements

Interaction with other users is becoming a value added applications lacking until now, her. S’aimera us allows know what are the trends and tags more used in a time concrete between the users of the own app. On the other hand, it has functions to upload creations to the most popular world social networks. As added, has with a “mode silence” thanks to which we can take photographs in environments where it captures can be more complicated.


S’aimera not has no cost initial and according to its developers, not required of purchases integrated. Recently it has exceeded 5 million users worldwide. Between them aspects best valued by those that it have installed in their terminals, we found with the fan of effects available, or the compatibility with the greater part of tablets and smartphones of the market. However, also be have reported closures, unexpected common to a large number of apps.

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You think that is possible find other platforms more complete that S’aimera? Have available more information about other tools of Edition and mounting as SelfiShop Camera so can say you same.

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