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RoboWar: Save the Earth on the back of metal Giants

When us stopped to take a look in them games grouped within the gender of action, on the one hand, us can find adaptations of them large sagas film as them of Marvel, or on the other hand, titles that is developed in a future apocalyptic in which them zombies have finished with it civilization. On the other hand, but to a lesser extent, we can find some elements of this scope within works that combine the role and strategy.

All of them offer not for increase, which should also lead to the emergence of new ideas and arguments can engage the public to offer any difference in a field in which we can also attend certain saturation. We can find an example in RoboWar, that you now have more and in which the protagonists are not zombies or powerful armies.


As it is often the case in many other titles, RoboWar, Earth has also been invaded by aliens. With a strong resemblance to movies such as Pacific Rim, our mission will be the face struggles in melee all enemies which will appear along the different scenarios and put us inside of large robots of all sizes and appearances. Obviously, as more move in the split, higher will be the rival.

robowar pantalla


According to its developers, one of them points strong of this game is its handling. By clicking on different parts of the screen, we will make robots under our control to make moves and combos very effective that can cause critical hits. The characters customization capability also has a hole here, since we can choose between more than 30 different robots, each of them, with their own skills, weapons and equipment.


RoboWar not has no cost initial. Updated only a few days ago and this spring on Google Play, has not achieved a significant figure downloads, since it has failed to overcome the barrier of one million users perhaps for causes such as the integrated shopping, which can reach the 120 euros per item, unexpected closures, translation errors or unexpected progress obtained losses.

WP-Appbox: RoboWar-Guerra of robots (free*, Google Play) →

Do you think this game can get a greater acceptance among fans of the science fiction if correcting some bugs, or think that the traditional arguments within the genre will be the most popular now and in the future? You have more information about other similar titles such as Iron Kill so you can get to know more options available.

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