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Road Hopper: It governs the world of pixelated characters hand

When you’ve been featuring games of all kinds, I commented that the themes used by many developers go through historical events which marked the course of humanity. In these titles, not only trying to recreate what happened in World War II among other conflicts, but that it was also possible to change sides and set a course different from that we all know. However, the current context which give rise to several questions about future short-term in areas such as the environment and politics, also serve as inspiration.

Today we will talk about Road Hopper, a game that tries to offer a more casual version of all those events that are waking up the fear of many. Through an atmosphere pixelated comic, as I see now, we can change the destiny of humanity and of the planet itself and directing a utopia? Then we will try to resolve this and other issues.


The idea of this title is quite simple. We put ourselves in the shoes of world leaders and will have the opportunity to make decisions of draught affecting all citizens. We can enter in facilities such as the Oval Office or the United Nations Assembly through Dracula’s Castle. All of this hand of pixelated characters with peculiar appearance that can remind us greatly to others like Clinton, Trump or Obama.

road hopper escenario


At first glance, the theme of Road Hopper may seem simple and even boring. However, to get the power, we will have to perform missions such as jump over a series of obstacles that the Chinese have left on the roads, save the Dios de la Riqueza, or avoid to be abducted by aliens. Help us complete the objectives, we will also have help of curious as the banana Josh or the Unicorn characters. All this in a pixelated world.


Road Hopper has no initial charge . Launched just two days ago, time has not achieved a significant number of downloads despite being well received in general due to factors such as the appearance of fun characters and the environments or to the fact that is compatible with terminals whose version of Android is higher than the 4.3. However, it has also received some criticism by some instability and buy integrated that can reach 12 euros per element.

WP-Appbox: Road Hopper: Pixel Politics (free+, Google Play) →

Do you think that in the future this game may have a more welcome? You have more information about other similar as Brave Diggers so you can say yourself and more options available.

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