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Rival Fire: When enemies are players from around the world

Some years ago, the multiplayer titles were victims of quite a few limitations. On the one hand, were physical barriers that only could be solved if other users was in the same room as us and with a remote control plugged into the console. Little by little, the emergence of WiFi networks and more elaborate works, as well as the evolution of own brackets, were eliminating these drawbacks and possible to not only is now take games, but also to chat in real time with people from all over the world.

In the land of them tablets and smartphones, the work of the developers, that shortens distances with them games that can find in stands of greater size and more powerful, also is giving their fruits in cases as Rival Fire, of which then you have more details and that aims to be the leader within them titles of action and multiplayer.


Unlike other titles such as Call of Duty, Rival Fire is not focused on a particular conflict but are going through by a multitude of scenarios ranging from those that take place in a futuristic world, until others set in the ancient Greece. Our mission will be to defeat other players in duels , either individually or with the creation of squads.

rival fire interfaz


How could it be less in these games that combine strategy with action in real-time, personalization is key. This is manifested through the choice of different characters that possess dozens of weapons and equipment of all types. At the same time, there are several modalities of game as the “mode campaign“, or the “mode survival“, in which must resist the maximum time possible to the attack of others users.


Rival Fire doesn’t have any cost. Released makes some days, has got a figure modest of downloads, since still not has surpassed the 50,000. However, it has been very well received by a visual and sound atmosphere very worked. On the other hand, he has received some criticism as the lack of a version offline or unexpected closures caused by a high expenditure of resources that can commit to the terminals that are not too powerful. In some cases, may be necessary buy integrated reaching the 100 euros.

WP-Appbox: RIVAL FIRE (free*, Google Play) →

Do you think that Rival Fire can be an alternative to other similar titles that already can be found in the catalogues? Have available more information on other games as Total War Battles that can say you same.

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