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Revealed all the details of the Meizu Pro 7 with body of titanium and screen 4 K

Last year, became one of the mobile Chinese manufacturers that more terminals launched, almost on par with a brand as experienced as Xiaomi Meizu . The head we had spectacular Meizu Pro 6, a terminal features more than interesting that he would now be about to receive his successor. In the last few hours have been leaked that would complete specifications (or almost full) next Meizu Pro 7.

He Meizu Pro 7 not is a smartphone that appear by surprise in the network, since is one of those devices of which come listening to infinity of rumors from ago weeks. Now, more than rumors, would have the leaks of the phone from Chinese manufacturer press images that allow us to know what we can expect of one of the contenders for best mobile Chinese in 2017.

pantalla meizu pro 7
parte trasera meizu pro 7
meizu pro 7 diseño

It should be noted that this Meizu Pro 7 is one of the devices listed on calendar filtered products Meizu to 2017, and if this schedule of presentations can finally consider it as official, the new smartphone from the company should be presented in the next few months presuming processor MediaTek helium on board 30 X.

Features of Meizu Pro 7

Filtered specification just appear in the form of a Powerpoint document with which would be the first official images of the flagship of Meizu to 2017. However, these same images resemble the design of the Meizu Pro 6 Plus, by what we doubt if they really belong to the Meizu Pro 7 or a possible 7 Plus Pro Meizu.

Either way, the escape specifies that Meizu Pro 7 would have a titanium body, as well as a 5.7 inch 4K screen (resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels) with support for ODA display screen technology. The ship logo also would have with a more proven Chamber of 12 MP with sensor Sony IMX362 sensor. It is likely that, as seen in the pictures, have with the ring flash which appears in the 6 Pro and Pro Plus 6.

Inside the terminal, as we have advanced a few lines above speculates that Meizu Pro 7 stay in your bowels a helium chip 30 X with more than two versions of storage. Version base is expected to reach the market with 4 GB RAM + 64 GB of storage, while the second version assumes 6 GB of RAM + 128 GB storage. However, there would be a third variant of the Meizu Pro 7 which would integrate nothing more and nothing less than up to 8 GB of RAM + 128 GB storage.

Can Meizu Pro 7 price

According to the data that accompany these leaks the price of the 3 versions could be 3.299, 3.599 and 3.799 Yuan, or what is the same, 445, 485 and 515 euros respectively. By the time it will take new details of all these new devices.

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