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Reveal Xiaomi Mi5s prices and that will integrate a dual camera

Information and rumors around new Xiaomi devices are reaching its peak, today is one of the most intense thing we remember about the new terminal of Xiaomi. We talked about the Xiaomi Mi5s, which today have known that it would come with a dual camera, in addition to its prices and other disturbing information. Because also refers to that there will be a Mi5s, but it would be another terminal that stops showing. But let’s start at the beginning, by the possible prices of Xiaomi Mi5s.

Xiaomi Mi5s should occur this week, September 27, at least that is what we hope several weeks ago, except that now the Chinese firm change its mind and play us presenting another different terminal.

They reveal the likely date of Xiaomi Mi5s

Xiaomi Mi5s prices

One of the most interesting information we have known today are the possible prices with those who would come to market the new terminal of the Chinese. the images that have been leaked today shows what slides in the presentation, which logically cannot be verified its authenticity at this time, but that as you can see they are strongly tends to use the signature seems to unravel when a terminal.

precios del Xiaomi mi5s

They can see the price of the version with Snapdragon 821, 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB storage, which would cost about 268 euros to the camio. It another version more powerful, which has with Snapdragon 821 along with 6 GB of RAM and 256B of storage internal would cost 400 euros, ones prices quite content for the powerful tab technical of which speak.

precios del Xiaomi mi5s

Dual Chamber to the Mi5s

Can be one of the least credible renderings that we have seen on Xiaomi MI5s make finally reality, because it has been the same Xiaomi who has today published a new teaser of the event of September 27 in which we can clearly see a dual camera, what anticipate us one of these cameras, as we have already seen them in for example in Xiaomi Redmi Pro.

Xiaomi mi5s

A My Note S instead of Xiaomi Mi5s?

These are the latest news that come from China, since in theory is the own Xiaomi which has ensured in the social networks that there will not be a Mi5s, and now all the rumors point to the arrival of a S. My Note Xiaomi

Xiaomi mi5s weibo

Is as is we still waiting for the Xiaomi Mi5s, will see if us ends surprising the signature Chinese.

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