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Reveal more features of the Samsung Galaxy S8

There is practically a day that we know new details of the future flagship, as yesterday, when we met that it could count on a front-facing camera with autofocus, a feature present in very few mobile market. As well, today they have returned to leak details about the camera, your processor, your screen size and other aspects that give us an idea of what is preparing Korean signs more features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 we reveal.

As we said, we did yesterday we echo of information aimed at that front camera of Samsung Galaxy S8 was going to have autofocus, a very interesting novelty for an area of the phone that normally would receive few changes.

More features of the Samsung Galaxy S8

The new information that we have known today about the features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 point to various facets of the technical details of the future flagship of the firm. Starting with the display, which in this case is secured in filtering that you will have two versions, a 5.7-inch and one of 6.2 inches, so we would have a larger than usual model and he would resign to the traditional size of the standard 5.1-inch Galaxy S. Other details are that both screens would be Dual Edge, by what would have double-curved on its sides, and their size ratio with respect to the rest of the front would be over 90%.

características del Samsung Galaxy S8

On the other hand ensures that it would have with the new processor Snapdragon 835 something that is no surprise, if we consider two factors, each year we see a version with the last top of Qualcomm, and that this year Samsung has participated actively in the development of the new processor.  They say in this information you will have 6 GB of RAM, and in no time with 8GB as it had secured in other leaks. Details of the camera, which would be dual, with two 13 and 12 megapixel sensors, one Samsung and the other provided by Sony are also given.

Concepto de diseño del Samsung Galaxy S8

Also give a date of the sale, because once present in the MWC in Barcelona at the end of February, according to these reports will be on sale at the end of March. Without doubt a good summary, and close enough to what we could hold the Samsung Galaxy S8 in its presentation in just three months, since none of these features seems to nothing crazy.

The article reveals more features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 was published in MovilZona.

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