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Returns the rate many of Yoigo with 20 GB in October

The rate host of Telstra still going and coming a month itself and another not. Again, after removing it in September after two months that it was existing in the summer, the company now in the hands of Másmovil retrieves it with their 20 GB from October 3.

Again, the rate worm of Telstra is the weapon that uses the operator for encourage a little more his rhythm commercial. Already us are accustomed that never us said goodbye to all of it and will return starting from the 3 of October, unless one month more, for trying to capture again to them users with their 20 GB for data and calls unlimited by 29 euros-in September was available it of 8 GB-.

Of this mode, the company that has been acquired by Másmovil makes ones months is placed, again, to the head by the relationship money of its rate mobile more complete. There is no other in Spain that offers more gigabytes for less, and they can also be used for everything that we want, including sharing with other devices via WiFi or USB.

The myriad of Yoigo, recurrent gun operator rate

Is also the reason by which many customers of the operator maintain their contracts with she and that cast the view, for example, to 2017 and the end of the roaming, when also can spend this huge amount of data out of our borders.

On the other hand, he doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially for those who a month which is not active should sign up for the 8 GB. Not is that not is possible pass is to the of 20 GB, but already there is that start the tedious work of give is of low in a to make the high in the other. If you it ask, Yoigo not you going increase automatically the limit of consumption of data if not book it rate worm of Yoigo with 20 GB from the first moment, although cost it same that it of 8 GB.

stand de yoigo

It reason not is another that all that torrent of data that it people spends already without much regard in the rate worm of Telstra when has 20 GB, part of this since the operator not has the 100% of the network in its property, has that pay is it to another operator, until now Movistar.

At least with Másmovil entry follows ecclesial promise Meini Spenger, at the moment, when he told us that both companies will continue to operate independently, and at the moment there is no change in its commercial proposal.

The article returns the rate host of Yoigo with 20 GB in October is published in MovilZona.

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