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Retrieves the photos deleted by mistake in Android

Often, whenever we take pictures with our device, these are stored in the internal memory of your device so we can watch them whenever you want. However, it is possible that, for different reasons, for example, human error or even a malware, these photos should be removed the device and, if do not have a backup of the same (or manual or in the cloud as with Google photos), we will lose them forever. However, before giving it all for lost, we can try to retrieve them using forensic tools such as DiskDigger.

DiskDigger is an application of recovery forensic of data, similar to them applications of recovery of data for computers, that us allows recover both photographs as videos deleted by error (if buy the version Pro can recover virtually any format of file) provided even not is has overwritten their space in the memory. This is possible because when you delete a file from the memory of a device, this does not delete actually, but it simply marks his space as “free” in the table of the memory files and is as “available” in the hope that other file occupy its place.

Then, we leave a manual where we explain step by step how to recover pictures deleted with DiskDigger.

How recover the photos deleted by mistake in Android

For the best results in the recovery of the data, it is recommended that we have root permissions on the device. Also, must have in has that them data recovered not can (or must) save them in the same memory from which try to recover them, because is possible that the own file replace their sectors and is recover corrupt or only a part of it. Always is recommended perform the recovery of the data or in the cloud or in another unit of storage, for example, in a micro-sd or in a USB connected by OTG.

Any time you have deleted by error data in Android? Did you get to recover them?

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