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Retrieves the keys to Wi-Fi networks that you have connected from Android

Today we can find Wi-Fi hotspots in many places, e.g. in hotels, coffee shops, airports, libraries, shopping malls, etc. Some of these access points are open, so that we can connect to them without a password (despite the dangers that that implies), however, others of them are protected by a password that we must ask and that, forget it, we will have to ask later.

Whenever we connect to a Wi-Fi network, Android saves the password in an internal configuration file which, by normal means, can not access. However, since the first version of this operating system, this file is not encrypted, by which any user with permissions of root (or root) on the system easily accessible to it using simply a file browser or a specific application for that purpose.

Then we are going to explain how we can recover these passwords without using any application, just a file Explorer compatible with root either.

How to view Wi-Fi passwords saved in Android

In addition, the file that saves information about passwords keeps also other type of important information related to the device itself, driver of Wi-Fi and on all and each of the networks that we have connected, for example, the name of the network, the encryption type and the priority of connection, useful, for example, to perform analysis or specific audits.

As mentioned, by default, this path is blocked for users without permissions of system (root), so, if your device does not have these permissions, enabled the first thing we must do is to get them (every smartphone and Android version has a specific way of doing it) or, otherwise, neither this method nor any other (for example, with specialized apps) work we need all of them to root.

Also, must have care at the time of use this file since if it modified or is change its permissions to the open it with the viewer or editor of the Explorer of files is possible that the connectivity Wi-Fi of our device leave of work to the generate is a file corrupt not compatible with the configuration original of Android. We want to work with Wi-Fi networks is always recommended to do so since the specific configuration section of Android.

Have you ever had to recover a password from a Wi-Fi network from Android?

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