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Resort Tycoon, the return to the traditional simulation games

With the expansion of games of all kinds offer catalogs of applications, we also assist with a proliferation of titles of genres which, despite not having users figures as high as traditional shelters reflected on the role and strategy, you also get to take its place among the preferences of millions of players around the world. Simulation are an example of this.

The construction of cities has been the argument par excellence of thousands of these works that had their beginnings in computers back in the 1990s. However, today is possible find others in which must build roads, bridges or even manage companies railway. Today we present Resort Tycoon, another Member more, this great family and that then you have their strengths, but also its weaknesses.


Resort Tycoon, you have to lift a nothing luxury resort . Starting as an employee of the chain, we will gradually climbing positions if we are fulfilling the objectives and satisfying the needs of our guests in the best possible way. However, not will be something easy, since to the principle, the amount of resources and funds with which will have will be very limited and only can expand them facilities if the valuations of them invited are positive.


The atmosphere, which in this case takes place in a tropical setting, although later appear to others, is not the most striking aspect of Resort Tycoon, but is customization capability which is one of its strengths. In this case it is materialized in the possibility of creating different environments based on civilizations such as the Egyptian, or also, in the catalogue of items and various equipment that can be used to decorate the rooms of the buildings that we build. On the other hand, also can choose between several styles architectural.

resort tycoon pantalla


This game does not have no cost initial. While its developers claim that it is free, the truth is, as it is usual, requiring integrated shopping than in this case, they can reach 10 euros per item. Present from makes more than one year in Google Play, has surpassed the 5 million of users. However, it has received reviews in aspects related to its operation and the emergence of unexpected closures, or a game mechanic that can lead to be monotonous and boring when progress is achieved.

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Do you think the Resort Tycoon can get a more welcome among the public? You think that already has reached its top? You have available more information on other titles as Escape Mission simulation so that you may know more alternatives at your fingertips.

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