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Relive the novels of Allan Poe on your tablet with Dark Tales 5

In other occasions you have spoken of large sagas film that not only have had his adaptation in form of video game in them stands traditional, but have given the jump to them tablets and smartphones with the objective of offer an experience additional to them followers of these franchises. Star Wars can serve as example to illustrate this phenomenon.

However, in an attempt to to create a new game that is able to compete against the Kings of the catalogues of applications, as the role and the strategy, and to a lesser extent, the sporting, arise works as Dark Tales 5, inspired by the stories of the novelist Edgar Allan Poe and that you then have its salient features.


In a quiet French village, a criminal has committed several murders and sowing fear among residents. Our mission will be the investigation by environment picking up clues and talking to possible witnesses to be able to clarify the facts. In all this history, there is a character with a high profile: the man of the red mask.

dark tales 5 escenario


Dark Tales 5 is a graphical adventure on every rule in which the interaction with the elements of the different scenarios is fundamental. To this we must add an atmosphere wrapped in the mystery that combines magic and exotic places other somber and characteristic of Allan Poe stories. The exploration and the resolution of puzzles and riddles of all type, influence on the development of the split.


This title has no initial charge . Launched officially in Google Play in mid-August, has already managed to overcome the 100,000 users. Despite having been well received by aspects as some environments very elaborate that contribute to improve the experience of game, also has been criticized not by their shopping integrated, that have a cost of 3.19 euros by element, but by the made of that only is available in a version in English.

WP-Appbox: Dark Tales 5: Network Mask (Free) (free*, Google Play) →

The adventures graphic still not have with an offer as varied as that can find in others fields. However, they have advantages in aspects of image and playability that can serve to position them in a very good place. After know more on Dark such 5, do you think that this type of works still have an opportunity to consolidate is between million of users? Think that them genres that currently are monopolizing them records of downloads will continue being the more popular? Have available more information related about works similar as The Secret Society that can know more alternative.

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