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Redmi Pro vs OnePlus 3: duel of Titans low-cost

Although we had already discovered in the last few days many details about it, Xiaomi has today finally officially launched us its new phablet Redmi, who has left behind the numbering came following and only uses the surname “Pro“. Already I have given all details of this new champion of the quality/price ratio and now only lack put it face to face with which came to be the phablet low-cost Chinese protagonist in recent times: the OnePlus 3. Which of the two would best investment? You leave them specifications technical of both in this comparative so you decide you same.


One of the features of the Redmi Pro had already clear before the presentation, and that we could indeed have given for granted even if we had not had chance to see images, is the metal housing, and not missing, of course, the fingerprint reader. OnePlus 3 also has these two extras, so in the section on design, is already only for rating the aesthetic virtues of each.


Absolute tie, on the other hand, in the screen section, where neither goes beyond what is now almost the mid-range phablets Chinese standard: display of 5.5 inch with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and a density of 401 PPIpixels. In both cases, we even have that AMOLED panels have been used. Nothing here, therefore, that us can help tilt the balance in one or another direction.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro caracteristicas oficiales


In the performance section, probably keep in mind, even more than the difference of memory RAM (4 GB to 6 GB), of which OnePlus has not finished yet demonstrate how much party can get), the fact that the Redmi Pro riding a Mediatek processor and OnePlus 3 one of Qualcomm, although in technical specifications, they are not so far away (ten centres and 2.3 GHz maximum frequency quad-core and 2.2 GHz maximum rate) and that without taking into account that there is a version that will mount the new helium X 25, even more potent.

Capacity of storage

Here we must congratulate both manufacturers for having included in the internal memory at least mid-range devices that they offer us the high-end (32 GB), but on the other side of the coin, we cannot fail to note that none of the two offers we slot micro-SD, to allow us to extend it externally. We must mention, in any case, a point in favor of the phablet of Xiaomi which is to be available with up to 128 GB, rather uncommon in this kind of devices and can be interesting considering the lack we have just mentioned.

OnePlus 3 caracteristicas tecnicas principales


In the paragraph of cameras, the OnePlus 3 is makes with it victory by what to number of megapixel is concerns, both for the main (13 MP facing 16 MP), as for the front (5 MP facing 8 MP), but the Redmi Pro has their own claims, as is the incorporation in in second sensor in it part rear which joins the dual cameras fashion.


Redmi Note 3 Pro already noted somewhat fundamental with its enormous capacity battery, and this new Redmi Pro is going to follow in his footsteps, standing with 4050 mAh well ahead of the OnePlus 3, which remains the most common 3000 mAh. It is true that consumption is an important factor, but there are not too many reasons to think that the pablet of Xiaomi will be much higher or that such enabling OnePlus to trim benefits the difference out.


The price is, as always, one of the great attractions of the Redmi Pro, since you can get from what change will come to be about 200 euros (model with 128 GB of internal memory either climbs too, staying at about 270 euros), while the price of the OnePlus 3 is snug, but not so much, selling for 400 euros.

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