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Redmi Pro vs Moto G4 Plus: comparative

As have commented in numerous occasions, Motorola is of the few large manufacturers that can fight is of you to you with them low-cost that us arrive of Chinese and the best example of this is certainly the Moto G4 Plus, to which are going to measure today in our comparative to the new Redmi Pro. Which one fits more what are you seeking? Can you be worthwhile or not get the import phablet? We are going to examine what offer us each through their technical specifications.


It Moto G4 Plus is a solid device that leaves us very good finishes, but the Redmi Pro has a first point in his favour in the choice of materials, since it arrives with the elegance of metal casings. The two have, that Yes, fingerprint reader to help us protect our privacy.


In the section on dimensions, which of the two comes out winner will depend on what they give more importance: while in what regards the size we find that you are very close (15.15 x 7.65 cm front 15.3 x 7.66 cm), that we can say that the Redmi Pro is noticeably thinner (8.2 mm compared with 9.8 mm) , while the Moto G4 Plus has in its favour to be rather lighter (174 grams to 155 grams).

Xiaomi Redmi Pro colores


Although there are plenty of factors that affect the quality of a screen and it is possible that if we can see them next to other perceive important differences, in terms of technical specifications this is probably the section where the most evenly matched tend to be the phablets of middle range of more level, and this is no exception: both Redmi Pro and the Moto G4 Plus offer us a display of 5.5 inch with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 401 PPI.


One of the strongest points of the Redmi Pro is the performance section and here it is imposed on the Moto G4 Plus, with double the memory (4 GB versus 2 GB) RAM and a processor, which is Mediatek instead of Qualcomm’s, but that is quite more powerful (ten centres and 2.3 GHz maximum frequency to eight cores and 1.5 GHz maximum frequency).

Storage capacity

Distribution of points in the section on storage capacity: we are looking for a device with the largest possible internal memory, the Redmi Pro gets to the front (32 GB versus 16 GB), but if we want one that has slot for card micro-SD to broaden it externally there keep in mind that only the Moto G4 Plus has it.

Motorola Moto G4 Plus


While the victory in number of Megapixels is for Moto G4 Plus (MP 13 to 16 MP), Xiaomi intended to give other attractions to their phablet in this section, providing it with a dual camera. In regards to the front camera, in any case, much less differences, with a ‘conventional’ camera of 5 MP in both cases.


If the Redmi Pro is somewhat thicker than other phablets (although not more than the Moto G4 Plus, as we have seen) and somewhat heavier, is due largely to Xiaomi has assembled a battery with more capacity than the of the Redmi Note 3 Pro, arriving at the 4050 mAh. (Taking in has that the of the phablet of Motorola is of 3000 mAh), seems quite safe bet that will be Victor in them tests independent of autonomy, but there will be that wait to check it.


While it is true that with the Moto G4 Plus we will have the comfort of being able to buy it directly, without having to worry about import, the truth is that there is a price difference between the two that at any given time can make that it worth us: the phablet of Motorola sold 270 euros, while that of Xiaomi announced by that change would come to be about 200 euros.

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