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Redmi Pro vs Meizu MX6: comparative

Already I had left a comparative in which we faced the new MX6 with Redmi Note 3 Pro, warning that soon would have to update the duel, since the presentation of a new Redmi was just around the corner. As well, as you know, his debut took place yesterday, so it is not necessary to wait longer to see if Meizu was able or not overcome Xiaomi with its latest proposal: we review the technical specifications of both, as always, you are those who bring the conclusions.


We not only have two devices with a similar aesthetic, but it is also difficult to grant victory to either of the two in terms of details more practical, since both are well assorted Extras, among which, of course, there are the claimed two: the metal housing and the fingerprint reader.


With regard to the size, we have two very similar devices, with barely perceptible, slightly different proportions (15.15 x 7.65 cm front 15.36 x 7,52 cm). There are other dimensions, however, in which the advantage of the phablet of Meizu is more clear: the thickness (8.2 mm front 7.25 mm) and the weight (174 grams front 155 grams).

Xiaomi Redmi Pro colores


In what regards the display, and as it is becoming customary between these two devices, the specs are practically traced: are the same size (5.5 inch), the same resolution (1920 x 1080) and, therefore, the same density of pixels (401 PPI). The only thing that we can highlight in order to help you choose between one and the other is that the Redmi Pro uses AMOLED panels.


If we compare the standard models, the tie is almost absolute: in both cases we have a processor Mediatek, a helium X 20 ten core and with a maximum of 2.3 GHzfrequency, and e MX6 only takes some advantage in RAM (3 GB to 4 GB). It must be taken into account, that Yes, that Redmi Pro is available in higher versions, which already come with helium X 25, with 2.5 GHz maximum frequency.

Storage capacity

Again, if us limit to the model standard in both cases, not there is nothing that undo the equality: them two us offer 32 GB of memory internal, a space of storage quite respectable for a phablet of range average, but us face to the limitation of not have of slot for card micro-SD. Again, the premium version of the phablet of Xiaomi, goes one step ahead, leaving up to 128 GB.

mx6 colores


If there are two strong trends to date in the field of cameras for mobile devices are larger pixels and dual cameras, and each one of them is present in one of these two phablets: Redmi Pro has a dual 13 MP camera and the MX6 with a large 12 MP camera. In regards to the front camera, they are again tied with 5 MP in both cases.


While the last word it will have them tests of autonomy independent, of time seems that the Redmi Pro is is with a victory easy, since not there is nothing that us do think that its consumption can be much greater that the of the MX6, but its battery that has a capacity quite greater (4050 mAh facing 3060 mAh) what justifies, said either way, its greater weight and thickness.


Is already in the view of each rating if the MX6, and without denying that value for money is fantastic in any case, done enough to justify more than 50 euros that will cost us to get with it: Meizu phablet was announced for 270 euros and that of Xiaomi 200 euro standard. Is interesting note that the model premium of the Redmi Pro (with processor helium X 25 and 128 GB of memory internal) us will cost it itself that the other (270 euros also).

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