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Redmi Pro vs 5 Honor X: comparative

Another inexcusable rivals in the field of the phablet of middle-range Chinese that we fail to confront the new Redmi Pro is undoubtedly the Honor 5 X, a model that has been already some time on the shelves but that remains a fundamental reference for those looking for a good quality/price ratio. What are the strengths of each of them? We leave you with the comparison with the technical specifications of each one to check it.


While the Honor 5 X it might seem a more modest option, the truth is that in the design section does not lack any of the features of high-end mid-range has taken in recent months, and which are of course also present in the newborn presented Redmi Pro: metal casing and fingerprint reader.


Reviewing the dimensions of each one, the first thing that draws attention is that the size of both is virtually identical, with just a few millimeters of difference (15.15 x 7.65 cm front 15.13 x 7.63 cm). In other sections, however, differences are expanded slightly, since the Honor 5 X is considerably thinner (8.2 mm compared with 7.63 mm) and lighter (174 grams against 158 grams).

Xiaomi Redmi Pro colores


Also plant you face the Honor 5 X to the Redmi Pro in the section on screen, where the only thing that distinguishes them is the type of panel used (OLED to LCD), because both in size (5.5 inch) as in resolution (1920 x 1080) and, therefore, in pixel density (401 PPI) equality, as you can see, is absolute.


This is one of the sections in which the balance leans more clearly on the side of the Redmi Pro, with a more powerful processor (helium X 20 ten cores and 2.3 GHz maximum frequency Snapdragon 616 of eight cores and 1.5 GHz maximum frequency) and also more RAM (4 GB versus 2 GB).

Storage capacity

In regards to storage capacity, however, the victory is not so clear, since, on the one hand, the Redmi Pro offers us double the internal memory (32 GB versus 16 GB) but, on the other hand, the Honor 5 X has in its favour having micro-SDcard slot, allowing you to alleviate that earlier defeat.

Honor 5X blanco


If we look only at the number of Megapixels it is true that we would find a new tie, with 13 MP at the back and 5 MP up front, but it must be said in favour of the phablet of Xiaomi, apart from that figure, that account with other technologies to improve the quality of our photographs, being that most emphasizes the use of a second sensor , a trend every time more than fashion in the land of those devices mobile.


The other paragraph in which the victory of the phablet of Xiaomi is compelling is that of autonomy. It is true that we can not confirm it completely until we don’t see him pass through actual use of independent testing, but seems complicated with the advantage that takes in (4050 mAh to 3000 mAh) battery capacity and taking into account their technical specifications, we can find another result. Compensation it is important, therefore, for greater thickness and weight that we saw had the Redmi Pro in the dimensions section.


Price is always the factor that leads to this type of manufacturers and neither disappoints in this case: Redmi Pro has been announced already that change will be about 200 euros (for the basic model) and, although the Honor 5 X more cao, was initially launched for 230 euros, it is now quite easy to find it already also by around 200 euros. As you can see, we will cost virtually the same, so we can simply choose according to the features that most interest us.

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