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RealTimes comes to Vodafone Backup + to create montages of photos and videos

The service RealTimes Vodafone is now available in Spain, as it has just announced the operator. This is integrated into Backup +, and is part of the options offered for creating attractive mounts with photos and videos that the user has stored. In addition, this new addition is part of the application available for iOS and Android.

With RealTimes gets users, in a very simple way to use your multimedia content, stored in the terminal you have or the associated Backup + Dropbox account, for create attractive mounts video in which the images and recordings occur. So, is offers an option additional that works of a form similar to that, for example, exists in Google photos. I.e., that the process is basically automatic once you select the appropriate files (which can be filtered by date or location).

Aplicaicón Vodafone Backup+

Additionally, it is possible to add different effects on the resulting creation using Vodafone RealTimes, e.g. a soundtrack or explanatory text, so that in this way everything is as intuitive as possible. Once is has completed a process, this is stores automatically and, if so is want, is possible share it through the terminal Mobile using them options common existing, as for example mail electronic or networks social.

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Options to RealTimes

As we have indicated, this added part of Backup +, so you must have access to this to use Vodafone RealTimes. Thus, two variants offered by the operator. They are as follows: with Backup + Basic is you don’t have to pay anything for a month to use the new service (and you get 2 GB of space in Dropbox). Is also the option to Backup + Premium, where there is a monthly cost of 3 euros and you get 25 GB of space on Dropbox and the use without restriction of new additive.

In addition, there is a promotion for the use of Vodafone RealTimes with Backup + Premium according to the rate that it has contracted with the operator:

  • Red XL, L and One L allow use for two years
  • In the rest of Vodafone tariffs, time is three months

Then, we leave the links where you will find the app for iOS and Android that allows you to access the new service of the company:

WP-Appbox: Vodafone Backup + (free, App Store) →

WP-Appbox: Vodafone Backup + (free, Google Play) →

The RealTimes article comes to Vodafone Backup + to create photo montages and videos was published in MovilZona.

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