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RCA Pro 12: is it possible to find a professional tablet with Android?

On other occasions, I have told that you one of the challenges that faces Android, is improve his chances among a public professional has seen as with convertible formats, you can improve your productivity in the workplace. This type of device is becoming the mainstay of the sector in recent times, so that both manufacturers and software developers, they bet more for them before the forecast that in the future, finished consolidating definitively and displacing conventional tablets. This fact could be a problem for the Green robot which, despite maintaining its undisputed leadership being present in approximately 80% of all handsets in the world, could lose ground gradually.

These deficiencies that can appear in them last softwares of them of Mountain View, can be exploited by some companies to launch their own terminals with which to compete in the market with some advantage using them weaknesses of an interface, as possible claims. This is the case of Pro 12, the latest venture of a conglomerate of consumer electronics based in Hong Kong whose crown jewel is the RCAbrand. It is possible to find a tablet 2 in 1 with Android which is really competitive against that run with Windows?

tablets 2 en 1 windows


At present, we are witnessing a stream of terminals which, as already happened in the conventional tablets when they landed among the public, have been shrinking their dimensions at the time which have managed to offer best smaller components. However, among firms more modest or unknown models, it is still possible to find more crude devices partly sacrificing the finishes and that in the case of the Pro 12, this translates into a weight that is around the 1.3 kg if we add the keyboard according to their manufacturers.


If we take as a reference the screen size, the convertible RCA would within large terminals it has 12.2 inches. To this we must add a Full HD 1920 × 1200resolution. In what could be interpreted as a nod toward domestic audiences as it happens with other devices of the same format, there are two cameras: A 2 megapixel front and a back for 5 intended for video calls. Achieved by the high definition image quality could also configure it as an acceptable terminal for the reproduction of audiovisual content.

pro 12 escritorio


This is one of the sections generated by more lights and shadows in equal parts in all convertible devices that I have spoken. Just as we found tablets with dizzying speeds and a very high storage capacity, there is also much more modest models that are not suitable for the most demanding public. In the case of the 12 Pro, we would be talking about a processor manufactured by MediaTek, as it is usual among Chinese firms, which would reach peaks of 1.3 Ghz and that while its creators ensure that it is ideal for viewing movies and especially for other tasks such as browsing and sending emails, may be committed if you try to run multiple apps simultaneously. The 1 GB RAM and its storagecapacity of 32, may also be insufficient for many.

Operating system

To the principle you mentioned that an of them weaknesses of Android for large number of users Professional is precisely the lack of functions for this collective that with versions as Nougat, is trying to solve thanks to features as the mode multi-view. However, these news not are in the Pro 12 that is equipped with Marshmallow of series and that with benefits as the control of them permissions of the apps and it improves of the performance concerning their predecessors with others as Doze, could serve to balance something this device. In terms of autonomy, we have a battery that can reach 8 hours duration.

pro 12 convertible

Availability and price

I mentioned earlier that more modest and unknown firms also intend to add to the creation of tablets 2 in 1 with the aim of achieving a small portion of a cake that will grow considerably in the coming years. This tablet of RCA has already been a time in the market and currently the best channel to get it through the website of the company, where its approximate price is 250euros. It is also possible to find it through online shopping portals, but in them, we find disadvantages such as variations in terms of its cost and the lack of protection of the public when failure to appear.

After seeing how more modest firms are also committed to formats with more weight, do you think that the brands that are released in the manufacture of convertible tablets should offer minimum characteristics that can meet the higher performance needs to be truly competitive? Do you think that devices like the Pro 12 will be relegated to the realm of the domestic terminals? More information about other similar models grouped in lists and in these cases, running Windows 10 so you can say you have available.

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