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Questions and answers for users beginners of tablets

Tablets and smartphones have been definitively consolidated for some time, and one of the reasons for this success in a few years, comes by the fact dispense with physical keyboard which, to be inside the screens, allow a quick and precise writing. On the other hand, them new terminals is have developed in stands much more intuitive that its predecessors, since with the press and the simple movement of them fingers, can access to thousands of content, applications and tools that for many, have eased largely its day to day. All this, at first, seems to have introduced in consumer electronics to all a mass formed by millions of users that until recently, there were out of the loop do not have sufficient experience to be able to control any type of platform.

However, there are still a number of barriers that may influence the universal input of all these devices and their definitive implementation among all segments of the population. Therefore, today I will show a list of questions and answers very simple that can be useful for those who have just had a first shot of contact in the form of tablets or who are planning to do so in the short term.

lenovo miix 720 soporte

1 Tablet new or second hand?

Currently, many users opt to acquire a terminal already used to complement the main, further benefits, focused to the improvement of productivity in some cases or more experience when it comes to reproduce content or play. However, these models of second hand, despite being more affordable, can give problems. If we are first-time consumers in this format, we can find affordable devices and new with a balanced features with which you can learn the most basic functions.

2. large or small?

In recent months, after the stagnation of the conventional formats, manufacturers are launching the creation of convertible models and larger. However, ideal for all those who are not accustomed to the use of tablets and above all, to the management of terminals through touch screens, the most successful is to start with devices whose size oscillate between the 8 and 10 inches.

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3 choose what tablet?

To answer this question, before it is necessary to ask what use we will give to the device as we have mentioned on other occasions. Convertibles are gaining weight also among home users. However, simple tablets remain the option most successful for features like that I mentioned earlier: more intuitive and ease through own screens. Here’s a guide that will help you to choose.

4. what purchase online or physical store?

When choosing a new device, it is essential to invest some time to see what the terminal that best fits our needs. This also influences the place of purchase. As remember at the time of talk of some models manufactured in China, in occasions, the only channel of purchase passes by the network. However, this has some problems such as the lack of service technical in many cases, terminal that not is correspond with the reality, or the absence of political of warranty. Therefore, if we are to acquire a first tablet, the best is go to establishments, where it will also be possible to obtain advice.

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5. What apps should I install?

One of the keys to ensure by one side, a good performance of tablets, optimal and fast, and on the other, use the simplest possible, passes by applications. These tools have become essential but in some cases, their presence can be counterproductive. Before starting to use it, most advisable is to install an antivirus, an optimizer and a file Explorer. Here is a list of the most popular.

6 with or without accessories?

Today, is possible find a great number of elements additional with which to first view, is intended to improve even more the experience of use. From speakers to stylus with which is possible draw and write on those panels, the catalogue not for of expand is. To take even more advantage of all these elements, once again, touch wonder what can be that we really need and their possible functions once acquire them. However, there is one essential and simple at the same time which can help prolong the life of the terminals: covers.

undercover tablets

As you have seen, once again we can find multiple parameters and constraints that we need to keep in mind when purchasing new devices. Do other factors consider that are important for all those users who wish to have a first making contact with tablets? Do you think that manufacturers may have left side to these groups for the benefit of other more professional? More related information as for example, a guide is available to perform a quick and easy configuration of the devices to begin using them in a simple and effective way.

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