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Protect the privacy of your smartphone with Go Security

Today it is very usual to carry on our smartphone a lot of personal data, even if we don’t know it. Every day we use applications like email, social networks or WhatsApp, applications that generate a lot of personal information and that it is possible that we don’t want to see other people. Since Android lacks a layer of security that help protect these applications natively, it is necessary to resort to other third-party applications such as Go Security.

Go Security is a complete security suite all the one which helps us to detect possible malware installed on the device that protects your privacy by blocking unauthorized access to all applications installed on the device. Thanks to this tool you can choose all those applications containing personal information about us (e.g. e-mail and WhatsApp) and protect these applications with a PIN code or a screen pattern so that if someone tries to access your data, you can not do it without the code.

Go Security - Código desbloqueo app

In addition, to avoid that someone can gossip our notifications, this application allows us to hide relevant information such as the icon and the content of the message, so, until we do not open it, we can not know who owns the message or the content of the same.

Then, we leave a full manual where we explain how this full security and privacy tool and how to use it to block the unauthorized use of our applications.

How to protect your privacy with Go Security

Go Security protects our privacy and keeps our virus free smartphone

Although the feature that has most caught the attention of Go Security to us is the protection of applications containing personal data, the application goes beyond. The different security options that offers also include their complete cloud-based antivirus, that allows us to scan all the installed applications (and even all the files from the memory as an “in-depth analysis”) so that we ensure that no application is hiding malware in your memory.

Also, them users “Premium” can enable the function of take a photo by the camera front when someone tries to open an application and fault the code e even check them permissions of all the applications installed so can know what are which more access to our data.

Certainly a tool that should not miss in our smartphone if really you are concerned about privacy and we want to avoid that other people can freely access our applications.

How about Go Security? Tend to block the access to certain applications to avoid that other people can open them?

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