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Problems with them Google Pixel to the sync with the Bluetooth in the car

A few weeks ago it was Apple with their iPhones , which was experiencing problems with Bluetooth, today comes to light that Google could be forced to face the same problem. As they begin to report the first, they suffer failures with the Bluetooth of the Google Pixel when it comes to synchronize the device with any vehicle entertainment system. It is possible that the ruling focuses on Android 7.1 and not in the firmware of the smartphone.

The launch of a new smartphone involves great challenges and the project does not end in the presentation and sale of equipment. Once it reaches the market, the massive test that is put in the hands of their owners is the litmus test of any product. Google Pixel do not escape the demands of users, who are starting to detect early errors and problems in its operation. We announced one of these today itself and it was related to leakage of light that was experiencing the Chamber, one of the strong points of the Google Pixel. We now know that Google smartphones also have anomalies in the operation of the Bluetooth connection.

Problems of disconnection with the Bluetooth

As we can read in Android Police, them owners of them Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL begin to report fault with the connection by Bluetooth. Thus they appear in emerging communities and forums created in the heat of the new smartphones for the search engine. In one of these communities crowd the first describing the fault detected with Bluetooth.Carcasa de los Google Pixel

Apparently, the Google Pixel are disconnected the car multimedia system when you attend a telephone call using the hands-free, while before answer they are enjoying streaming audio. However, it is not the only experience. There is also a proportion of affected people who see how the timing of the Google Pixel with cars is an ordeal. Initially get the timing, but in the few seconds Bluetooth loses connectivity to the car Bluetooth. According to the testimony of those affected, there is a marking of vehicles affected in particular, but it is a generalized failure, although with greater incidence in the GM Group.

Failure in the Google Pixel, but because of Android 7.1

The fact that parallel some Nexus with the Android Beta 7.1 installed computer users have coincided with the same flaws in Bluetooth connection, portends that the fault lies not in Google Pixel, but really in the latest version of Android. Thus, therefore, will have to wait for the big G case and determine what is the real reason of this problem. However, it seems obvious that need a patch or update to resolve the situation.

The article problems with the Google Pixel sync with the cars Bluetooth was published in MovilZona.

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