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PokeNotify, app that alerts you in real time the presence of Pokemon to be captured

The popularity of Pokémon GO has triggered at the same time the proliferation of alternative applications to help the user to fulfill the goal of the game, the catch all pokemon. However, the limitations imposed by Nintendo can hinder the task. That respect has emerged an extremely interesting application by its great utility. We refer to PokeNotify, a tool that notifies a Pokémon close availability on your smartphone.

Tired already of keep an eye on the screen of your smartphone in search of the Pokemon you remaining to complete the Pokedex? When the radar of Pokemon GO not is an option, the application for Android PokeNotify can be us especially interesting.

PokeRadar, a radar to find Pokemon in Pokemon GO mobile

Notifications in real time

And it will be because the functionality of PokeNotify is none other than the notice as if a new WhatsApp were the presence nearby of a pokemon. As show the screenshots, perceive the type of monster that have near your position with a notice in the bar of notifications or, if have of one, in your smartwatch. Just so you will have to start the game Pokémon GO and capture it. It is obvious that in this way we save the display on continuously to do so selectively, thus saving energy and time.Notificaciones de pokeNotify

Pokevision, map to catch Pokemon in real time at Pokémon GO

Advantages offered by PokeNotify in Pokémon GO

PokeNotify is fully configurable so you can filter the type of monsters that we want us to warn. In addition, the fact of being an independent app, without logging in to your account, the user can be quiet not to be banned. Another of the features of PokeNotify is also that with just click on notification of the delatado Pokémon it will position it us in Google Maps to have certainty that it can be captured. In addition, the position is assured given that it is not crowdsourced data, they are checked out of the own Pokémon GO.

WP-Appbox: Notifications for Pokemon GO (free, Google Play) →

Update: in these moments the application already not figure in Google Play, by what hope new events or the clarification of the own developer of the app to clarify the reason of his disappearance.

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