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Pokemon Sun and moon for Android does not exist nor is can emulate

Today is the launch of one of them games more expected by all the community and, also, “Pokemon Sun and moon for Android” is is turning in an of the searches more recurrent. And so that none have to regret it, we want to make it clear then that any APK memberships will be, and we are sure, a virus and, in addition, still can’t be decently emulated the 3DS in Android.

A simple Google search makes alarm bells ringing. Pokemon Sun and moon for Android is the most searched, but at the same time, it simply does not exist. They promise an APK or a link to play it are simply lying. But cases are different and the danger will also give you some tracks for you to not have to regret it later.

Any APK of Pokemon Sol y Luna is false

This is the maximum a day like today. Not exist APK with the Pokemon Sun and moon for Android compiled and ready for play. All what find can be or an application false that simply wants to win downloads or, it more likely, a Trojan with desire of make you her life impossible. So, any link to get you an APK Android supposedly with Pokemon Sun and moon, should avoid it without punches.

pantalla busqueda pokemon sol y luna android

E even, if you find also with a link in it own Google Play that has got fly it sufficiently low as for pass the censorship of them of Mountain View, nor should trust in it because of time, and not is you expected, not there is even a companion app prepared as for others releases.

You can emulate the 3DS in Android? Yes, but you can play Pokemon Sun and moon (or almost nothing)

Because at the moment, we turned to talks that exist in reference pages as the other side where diving in their forums we found that the emulators of the Nintendo 3DS on Android are few and still do not work nor with all current – games or stably virtually none.

The names of the only “official” emulators 3DS for Android – with all the quotes, would be better to say, “reliable” – are Citra 3DS, reach, XDS and 3dmoo. We repeat, they are reliable, but do not work very well even on PC, so we can not expect a game coming out today (though we find the image of it within a few hours on the Internet if it is not already) can function without more. In fact, care with that file because on many occasions can be a version of GBA tuned-with surprise- and that is you will BREW as authentic.

Is more, can consult this list of compatibility of the games of the 3DS with several of these emulators, to give you has that the dream of many of play to Pokemon Sun and Moon in Android is a chimera.

Again you warned that any link that promise a “hack of Pokemon Sun and moon for Android” or any thing related with do run the game in mobile is, of time, inevitably false and only goes to cause, in the best of them cases, lose the time watching a video insubstantial.

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