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Pokémon GO uninstall does not delete your game data. How to delete your account?

It seems that Pokémon GO fever begins to come to an end. After many days being the topic of conversation for much of the world’s population, and more than 75 million downloads on their backs, the Nintendo app for iOS and Android seems to have stagnated and many users are who begin to Uninstall Pokemon GO from their terminals.

If you have decided that being a coach is not for you, you have the chance to say goodbye forever to the hunt for Pokemon. However, the Pokemon GO uninstall your iPhone or Android smartphone does not mean that your account be deleted. At this point and equal l happening with the Elimination of social networking accounts, is a more tedious process that simply “click” on a delete account button.

In this video you have an example of how to delete the account of the game before uninstalling Pokemon GO.

By removing the account from Pokémon GO

If these decided to abandon Pokémon Go forever, first of all, you have to go to the support page of the game where you will find the page request for removal of your account. On this pageendras t that fill some data, such as your email address and the reason for the deletion of your account. Also must accept the made of that delete your has of Pokemon GO destroy irreversibly all the information associated to it has, i.e., will lose all them Pokemon, objects, level… and if want to return to the game must start of zero.

baja pokemon GO

After following these steps, the request for deletion of account is not yet complete. To do this you have to wait to receive via email that will remind you that continue with this deletion can be to recover the account or the content associated with it. Si finally decide that you are ready to delete the account, you will have to reply to the e-mail with instructions DELETE.

Of course, is not an instant process, since deleting your Pokemon GO account it may take a week or two to close completely. However after performing these steps now you can uninstall Pokémon Go your terminal security that last time Nintendo title account will cease to exist.

Are you one of the many users that in the last hours has decided to Uninstall Pokemon GO from your terminal?

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Uninstall Pokemon GO item does not delete your game data. How to delete your account? It was published in MovilZona.

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